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Conversation Between Miggy and uA - 1905
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  1. uA - 1905
    09-05-2010 00:13
    uA - 1905
    Do you think there's any truth in it mate? Marca is supposed to be close to Madrid and Guti from what I understand. I wouldn't mind him though, I like the gay lord myself. Very clever player with great passing.
  2. Miggy
    08-05-2010 08:47
  3. uA - 1905
    09-07-2009 15:02
    uA - 1905
    I am no American my friend, high school in Turkey and off to the US for college.

    How did your education fare?
  4. Miggy
    09-07-2009 01:23
    How did you get to study in America?

    Or are you American? I aint too sure.

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