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    PES4 option file anyone?

    PES4 Jouza Patch This is my patch: info in this topic: It´s not up to date, it´s for 2004/05 season, but it has the most accurate player stats from PES Stats Database - try it. ;)
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    PES 2009 Option File - PC

    NO, please NO CLASSIC TEAMS!!! In ML there will be Maradona, Baggio etc with Messi, Bojan... - it will destroy the system. I hate combinating legends and actual players, especially in ML. :(
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    PES4 Jouza Patch

    Patch with the most accurate stats in PES4 ever!!! Based on Wolf 2005 Evolution Patch - Strongly Recommended!!! (Wolf Patch link: - updated stats (THX to PES Stats Database) - new faces assigned - better appearances, motions - updated...
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    Hi, please, can you tell me the ''secrets'' of tweaked stats in your option file? Like better...

    Hi, please, can you tell me the ''secrets'' of tweaked stats in your option file? Like better agility for keepers, short passing speed etc? I wanna tweak my PES5 OF. And I also canť wait for your new PES6 file - it will be amazing. :) Have a nice day ;) *JOUZA*
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    Pes Legend Editor for Pro Evolution Soccer 2009

    Yes, it's a small bug - before stats changing, I do a screenshot of my player in the start of the BaL career. Then I put the screenshoted stats into PES Legend editor and I only change the stat, that I want (example: Attack: 85, Agility:80, but I wanna change only Agility, so my Attack was on...
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    Euro 2008 Update Option File

    Please send me it too: [email protected]