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Recent content by Arsenal_fc

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    EPL Kit Formulas by mufcsean

    can i ask how you got them sponsors on ya shirts as i have a arsenal kit made using your formula's but without the correct sponsors would be nice to know how to make them or import them???
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    EPL Kit Formulas by mufcsean

    ok thanks alot now i can make the kits!!
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    EPL Kit Formulas by mufcsean

    R31, G0, B0 whats the R the G and the B for cant work it out mate!
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    [ALL] pategato & goalgerd Ultimate OF

    This file looks good man im going to use it cause the one i have i dont know whats diff in it but it seems slower to play so i will try this out also the teams look more upto date as in lineups and transfers man thanks alot will post back here with my feedback !!
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    [ALL]Milanista's and Mike's Option File*V 4*FINAL

    Have you adjusted the game speed in some way as it seems slow when playing a match ??
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    "G1 Message 2007-2008 OF"

    Don't know what any of that says ? All i want is a upto date roster on my game does this have that?
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    summer transfer update option file (rammstein_01)

    Yeah Diarra not at arsenal no good!
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    [PS2+PC] Titch's British OF

    Hate to say this but this is a out of date OF Arsenal Still have Ljungberg and Henry whats the deal there!!
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    [ALL] NeoPES Option File - VERSION 4.0 OUT NOW!!!!

    Ljungberg now plays at west ham mate!!
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    SHOLLYM OF - All transfers updated

    Not all teams are good man i stick with my current one !
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    **WindsorHL3's future option file!!**

    Sounds interesting mate cant wait to see the final product!
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    Lol And why a man utd should of said a transfer update full stop!!
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    Feanor takes top prize in GOTM

    Amazing goal!! well done mate!
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    [PC & PS2] The Superb BOBOS Option File V1.3

    If the new Transfers are done why does Lauren still play at Arsenal? he left us for pompey :S And Song Bilong is on loan at charlton.
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    [ALL] WSAG Evolution V3 Option File

    This has to be the best option file mate so well made and the teams are all updated well thanks mate