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  • El Hamdaoui was sick, but if they are that heavily reliant on him than I foresee nothing but trouble. Bad day at the office seems unlikely, truth is they haven't hit their form yet but perhaps they were nervous for their upcoming CL fixture!
    Expect him to score many fantastic volleys and whatnot. I was surprised by the result though, what's going on with AZ, injured key players?
    I'd like to ask you to keep me informed of Rasmus Elm's progress in the Eredivisie, what do you think of the idea?
    As I've said I'm a fan of localism, so I'd wish to see a "red" as in native American leading the country one day, but that seems very unlikely, doesn't it?
    I never took you to be the redneck type anyway!

    I think in America I could well be considered a socialist, though it is very much possible to be liberal on some issues (say social issues) and conservative on others (like finance). I'd agree with anyone saying we shouldn't label people and lump 'em all in their selective corner but it's useful in the context of politics.

    The US two-party system (there are other parties too, but they are not even 1/20 of the Dems/Reps) is flawed by simply being too black & white (perhaps an unfortunate thing to say) and lacking grey area's and nuance, subtlety.

    Quite frankly elections have become a race to see how much dirt you can find about one another, rather than sawying the voter with substantial and sensible messages on what to do about your country's problems.
    I'll have to read up a bit on the definitions of those particular terms in the US - as I'm conservative in European terms, but I'd never fit into the somewhat infamous racist Alabama type of person in all honesty. So I reckon I'll post a second answer some time, but that'll take time.
    EDIT: An interesting thing that I discovered recently is that I do not hate communism - it's an interesting ideology and one the scumviets propably never intended (and didn't) use (I reckon you know what I think of that disgraceful, shambolic entity somehow officially called an "union").
    Your thoughts on Out To Lunch? I had trouble understanding it early on, seeing as in the jazz world avant-garde is a the last, albeit already fragile and uncertain, bridge ahead of the dark and chaotic valley that is Free Jazz. :D
    After many a listen, though, its greatness is really hard to overestimate.
    That last sentence is indeed meritable, I appreciate that. I played half of the Eredivisie season with Contofalsky in goal, only to find out the wikipedia article was edited a bit too eagerly, which is a shame seeing as Slovakia are quite good and so is their keeper.
    Who do they have in goal? I thought the main target was a new number one, but if they don't have any finances...then all I could think of is Fabien Barthez. :lol:

    Speaking of Malmö, did you pass by Helsingborg? I believe they're within a distance not too big seeing as they contest the Skane derby between them (I'd like to know what does the city where Larsson lives look like). Elm, I think Everton is the most likely destination of all the ones mentioned, although Fulham has been turned into a Nordic embassy recently, hasn't it?
    Turning back to Feyenoord once more, where could they end up this season, any ideas?
    I hear Rasmus Elm is going travelling or something like that, namely Holland and possibly England. Whilst I'm aware of which English clubs have been linked, do you happen to know which Dutch ones, if any?

    I reckon he won't be heading to Feyenoord though :faceplm:
    In all honesty I need to get there and criss-cross through the entire country myself as it's really bizarre being in love with a country one's never been to. And the females are indeed also one of the reasons why I intend to discover the land of some of my ancestors. :D

    And on another note, have you by any chance listened to Mos Def's latest album, The Ecstatic?
    If you have, I'd like to know what you think of it.
    I must admit I haven't given it a proper listen bar Stolen Moments, and it is quite odd how I haven't considering Stolen Moments' greatness. I'll definitely giving it a listen after I get back from Sweden.
    Wanted to ask you - What is your connection with The Blues and The Abstract Truth? I personally didn't like it particularly much at first, then thought Stolen Moments "a decent listen" and over time I've begun to acknowledge it as one of the greatest and most essential jazz records of all time and consider it a definite desert island disc.
    Ah excellent. Thank you very much. I shall add it to my huge and ever-growing reading list for the summer. Have you seen Thirteen Days about the missile crisis? I own it but haven't got round to watching it yet.
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