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Recent content by Bež

  1. Bež

    a game about hooliganism?

    This'd be fun in a weird way. Haha
  2. Bež

    New to PESGaming

    Welcome to PESGaming! Hope to see you around!
  3. Bež

    Hey again

    Hey guys, hope you're all well. Just thought I'd say hi and check how you're all doing? I'll try and come on here a bit more often. See you around! :)
  4. Bež

    'Mark Forums Read' button not working

    Hey, @Sweey @Joel @Ali Just a quick message to let you know that I'm unable to mark the forums read at the moment. Quick Links > Mark Forums Read When I try to do so, this message then comes up:
  5. Bež

    What are you currently playing?

    Been playing the UFC 2009 Undisputed game on the PS3 (recently acquired from a CEX for a measly £2) - a lot of controls to learn, it's not exactly one of those games where you can pick up and play, but with practice, it gets good. I still struggle when it comes to the moves on the floor...
  6. Bež

    The Master League Experiences Thread

    Might start a ML when I get in later. Reading this thread's last 2 pages has kinda tempted me into it haha.
  7. Bež


    Welcome to the site, dude! Sure you'll fit in just fine here! Good to hear you have a Football Manager background; I like to play that when I have the spare time. Can easily waste hours on that damn thing if you've got an interesting game ongoing as a certain club.
  8. Bež

    Controversial Fiorentina Kit 1992

    Love that kit - great work man! This 1997-98 AC Milan Home Shirt is nice;
  9. Bež

    Football Manager 2016 [PC]

    I've got a game going as Leicester - it's going pretty well. Into the 4th season and my starting lineup is usually something along the lines of: GK: Asmir Begovic RB: Calum Chambers CB: Ryan Shawcross CB: Phil Jones LB: Matthew Targett CM: Jordy Clasie CM: Emmanuel Badu RW: Riyad Mahrez CAM...
  10. Bež


    Welcome to the site, man! Should fit in fine here
  11. Bež

    Returning to PES - What Difficulty?

    I also would suggest 'Professional' difficulty so you can get used to the controls; also, the CPU opposition are just awful on 'Regular' difficulty...
  12. Bež

    Hi there

    Welcome to the forum. Hope to see you around.
  13. Bež

    [KITS] - Sky Bet League 1

    Great work mate :nath:
  14. Bež

    Football Manager 2014 [PC]

    On my recent game as Stoke City (on FM15), I've just stumbled across this. A 16 year old called Robert Brazil, produce of Chelsea academy, has forced himself into the first team! I have Chalobah on loan from Chelsea, playing in my Stoke side, but my word this Brazil lad is (or is going to be)...
  15. Bež

    PES 2016 news!

    Should think so! Do you mean whether they'll be fully licensed with the authentic kits or not? One of my favourite things to do on PES in the past was spend hours in the Edit mode. :cool2: