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Recent content by beginner

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    PES 2020 Update Option Files Full HD| Playstation 4

    Aha. And isn't selling option files with licenced content illegal itself?
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    [BOOTS] IG boots for PES 2020

    Great, ¢Ħλ®₤ỉξ. Looking forward to your Bundesliga settings. :)
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    [FACES] Faces by maquiavelo40

    Did you change anything in the formulas, compared to last year?
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    [TOOLS] Stats Converter Football Manager to PES 2019

    Unfortunately the tool doesn' work with my excel version. Is there a chance, someone can post all Bundesliga stats for the teams as they were last season? :rolleyes:
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    [KITS] Bundesliga 2019‒20 Kits

    Great!!! Are you going to release a complete kit pack as soon as every club is done? :) Edit: Preferably in 1024 and 2048 versions :innocent:
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    [KITS] Bundesliga 2019‒20 Kits

    Thanks a lot caveras, I really like the new Version of Gladbach 3rd kit :-) Great!
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    [KITS] Bundesliga 2019‒20 Kits

    Hey Caveras. Really astonishing work with all of your kits - thanks so much. Can you try to make the gladbach third pattern a bit bigger? The pattern is quite small in your kit, so one cannot see the details. Thanks, man :)
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    [FACES] Faces by maquiavelo40

    DIDA is in game - as you probably know :)
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    [FACES][PS4][NO REQUESTS] Pes 2019 facebuilds by kitfisto

    Oh yes. Very nice Hoffenheim faces :laugh: Can we have the formulas please :rolleyes: ;)
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    [FACES] PES Custom Faces (2019)

    Great Idea! But what about these relinked faces? :) Can't wait :D
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    Key Players missing for PES 2019?

    Cool stuff. Are there more Bundesliga faces on your list? As you know, Bundesliga lacks so much faces. :-) I'm so curious now ... :-)
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    Key Players missing for PES 2019?

    That's great news. Do you have a source for that? Where did Junior Mantis announce this? :) BTW: Great Renato Augusto in your thread!!!
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    [KITS] Kits by CDKitMaker

    Oh yes. Love them. BUNDESLIGA PLEAAASE :-)
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    FIFA -> PES stats converter

    The formulas you use to convert the stats look very complicated. :huh: Can you explain me, how you analyzed data and created that kind of formulas? And how do you check, that conversion fits best for each category? btw: I'm a bit impressed :happy: EDIT: Can you also explain, why are...
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    FIFA -> PES stats converter

    Looks interesting. Has anyone tested this???