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  • Tbh, beating you does nothing for us, as we go and lose the very next league game. To put it in wrestling terms; we may as well just job next time!

    The Ajax site gives no info at all, and the official Eredivisie lists him as 1.80m (5'11 I think). Wikipedia (the Dutch version of his page) has nothing either.

    Surprised that Arsene is going for him instead of the imposing big man everyone seems to be asking for.
    I saw Mannone in the reserve game at the Brit earlier this season. :lol: :lol: :lol: Thank you so much.

    Twelve Pins was next one the list. Apparently it's mega fast service in there. I'll find some directions and use that one I think.
    I was discussing it with the lads in the pub during the Waffa Cup final last night. Came to the conclusion that we should play all our big hard mental bastards.

    Do you know what the Drayton Arms is like? I'm trying to find a pub for Sunday, and as the one we wanted is probably too far away, we're back on the drawing board. Drayton Arms is pretty close, yeah?
    I am proud to have a fellow memeber of One Warrior Nation around :smug:
    One of the comments : "God I hate the ravens" :lol: :lol:

    :crymore: WE LOVE THE DOLPHINS!

    Look at Jannetty; the guy still thinks the Rockers are an active team!

    :chanlaugh: I oughta report that message for distressing content ya git!
    Well I was feeling rather grammatically incorrect. As well as the psychological implications of not assigning myself a capital...

    That being said, now it's done I kind of want the small p back...

    Never satisfied!
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