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    [EXPORTS] Share Teams Thread

    Are those 1-1 league swaps? What I mean is there are 18 J league teams. Do they replace 18 pls teams? Same for Liga MX same amount of teams as the PLA league?
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    [EXPORTS] Share Teams Thread

    It only needs to be done if you see 2 teams affecting each other. In this case Rangers was overwriting Hertha and Hertha would overwrite Rangers. Sadly I feel like you need to check the bundesliga after each team import to make sure nothing freaky happened. This isn't an issue with...
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    [EXPORTS] Share Teams Thread

    This works. I had this exact issue last night and after putting both rangers and hertha on a usb stick and watching what happened my only solution was to do that. I created 23 players and base copied each ranger player over I then imported hertha to correct them. Went over to Rangers and...
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    [EXPORTS] Share Teams Thread

    yay! looking forward to panathinaikos too!
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    HOW to edit PS4 PES 2017 teams on a PC

    Yes if there was some sort of PC ps4 bin editor that would let us do the work on PC that would be spectacular. Instead of taking me 3 hours to make a team on PS4 I bet I could do it in 45 minutes on PC
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    [EXPORTS] Share Teams Thread seems to be working on a greek league patch for PS4. Releasing today maybe? I don't speak or read greek. this would help, we could pull out some of the team bins if people just want to add a few greek teams to the other european team area and not import the full league.
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    [EXPORTS] Share Teams Thread

    We could use a panathinaikos I will look around for kits tomorrow
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    [EXPORTS] Share Teams Thread

    Nice job. Only issue is there is a dithering problem around the fener badge on all kits It's strange. in the image looks ok but when I load the kit in the game the Keeper in particular has a darker green shadow around the fener badge
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    [PS4] DFL OptionFile 2017 (Bundesliga and more)

    Yeah let me get them together. I will post a link 1024 bundesliga kits All teams except Bayern, I left them 2048 in my game option file
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    [PS4] DFL OptionFile 2017 (Bundesliga and more)

    Yeah the bin brings in the kits too. I deleted his 2048 bundesliga and put back in the same kits in 1024. So if I load his updated bin files it will unlink my 1024 kits from the squads and put his 2048 kits back on. Yes, I could delete his 2048 kits afterwards and manually reassign my...
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    [PS4] DFL OptionFile 2017 (Bundesliga and more)

    Is there a way to just import the bin player data? I took your 2048 kits and made them 1024 for everyone except bayern. I would like to keep your kits I made 1024 but get your squad updates.
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    [TEAMS] Brasileirão Teams by Master - w11 (v0.1)

    Terrific job! Thanks for doing this and what you do with brasil in the future
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    Konami need to open up the editing for more things

    Editing the kits is sweet and importing the images is great except for that 300 or so kit limit. But why not take this further? We should be able to import balls and boots. A simple circle template would let anyone make a ball and with the absolutely pathetic amount of real balls in the...
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    Need some help, can't import any more images PES 2016 PS4

    Easiest thing to do is not load keeper kits. I left the prem ones in but i did the liga nos keepers with the in game edit. I will end up deleting the sky bet keeper kits too. Instead of bundesliga I just made the top german teams then a bunch of the minnow teams in europa league. You know, the...
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    Base copy problem with hair

    Perhaps I am doing this wrong but base copying is not working for me. Let's use creating Shakthar squad as an example. I can pick a player on the team I am using to create shakthar and base copy over a konami "fake from the ukraine squad and edit their hair and name to be correct. If I dare...