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Recent content by Cray

  1. Cray

    the worst Asian Cup ever

    It says on the first paragraph, only 25 nations had submitted entry for the AFC. the other 20 havent.
  2. Cray

    [WE10] How I believe the cpu cheats on hardest level

    for me, those situations occurs when i am facing certain teams, for example Wander Bremen (spelling?). i guess thats another challenge: to win the game with less odds for loose balls
  3. Cray

    overall club ranking in master league

    i am in my 4th season and i am ranking 3rd. i think all u have to do is to win as much as possible~
  4. Cray

    Creating The Strongest master league!

    It is interesting that there were no Ronaldinho mentioned at the beginning of this thread, and all of a sudden, he is in most Dream team that people created.
  5. Cray

    Australia vs Japan

    i support Australia but i do agree Wilkshire needs to die.... But then, Go the Oranje!
  6. Cray

    what boots are the best

    adidas...they look better, though nike boots feel more comfortable
  7. Cray

    This has finally got on my last nerves.

    i found that when u are one on one with the keeper, u aint got much time to do anything, coz their defenders will close u down out of nowhere... so, i dont recommend the dummy
  8. Cray

    PES5 - Quick Questions Thread.

    ML Question: will the player improve as much according to the match result? (improve "lesser" if draw, more if won) will the number of stars (difficulty) affect players growth?
  9. Cray

    FIFA 2006 World Cup - Who will Win ?

    Holland and Brazil
  10. Cray

    PES5 is the Best in the Series

    i dislike the cursor...
  11. Cray

    Stars Of Confederations Cup

    yeah, i agree with Ntutle, Nakamura is a better player than Nakata, i reckon
  12. Cray

    Your footie skills!

    Tom's skilll is alright...but the second video ones are heaps good! those are what i called "freestylers"...their tricks are hard to do... b.t.w, i can do mostly what tom did~
  13. Cray

    Whats the point in buying players in ML on 5* or more?

    but if u pull those tricks against a 6* player, he will completely bash you off~ 6* is a piece of cake...i did play a lot when the game was out in the first few couple of months, but gets bored after i can win the world cup with China... my friend plays me and he usually use those fancy moves...
  14. Cray

    Shame on you, ur a Big Boy Now!

    17 here
  15. Cray

    Japan v Brazil would be nice if Japan wins this