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    PES23 eFIFA is a project that integrates the EA Sports FIFA database into PES2021. This means all players in the FIFA DB are also available in PES and access their stats! What's the point and why? FIFA publishes every week LIVE UPDATES with current transfers, stats changes and lineups for many...
  2. Cristiano92

    [TOOLS] Stats Converter Football Manager to PES 2019

    Is FM19 supported yet? Any news on updated Bundesliuga Stats? Thanks so much wyffy
  3. Cristiano92

    [TOOLS] FM2PES to .TED

    Is there a way ro update the Stats with FM19 Stats?
  4. Cristiano92

    PS4 OF PES 2019 Nico Ultras

    Hey Nico, of course you can use my work again this year. I've edited PESWorlds Bundesliga OF because I love their kits, but the stats were terrible. You can download my latest file on my facebook page: I will not post my File seperately on PES...
  5. Cristiano92

    [PS4] FBNZ optionFile 2018 (BUNDESLIGA, CSL, MLS)

    not cool to post other OFs in this thread. Next Update is in the making. Thanks nico ;)
  6. Cristiano92

    [PS4] FBNZ optionFile 2018 (BUNDESLIGA, CSL, MLS)

    sounds to me like your using a Mac and get files named "._GER1-KOLN" for example. don't import those with ._
  7. Cristiano92

    [PS4] OF Erzo 77

    Amazing work again with Serie B ;)
  8. Cristiano92

    [PS4] FBNZ optionFile 2018 (BUNDESLIGA, CSL, MLS)

    Its out since friday for everyone, check
  9. Cristiano92

    [PS4] FBNZ optionFile 2018 (BUNDESLIGA, CSL, MLS)

    Here you go!
  10. Cristiano92

    [PS4] FBNZ optionFile 2018 (BUNDESLIGA, CSL, MLS)

    You have to only apply the Bundesliga Update. And if you want the CSL by KetchupGamers, I did not change anything and you now can also download it from my website now. It's their mediafire link:
  11. Cristiano92

    [LEAGUE] The Bundesliga Creation Thread 2017/18

    2nd League will overwrite Serie B, and Bundesliga will be switched with Serie A. Bundesliga will have 20 Teams then, and 2.Bundesliga 22. Not perfect but the only way to do it.
  12. Cristiano92

    [PS4] FBNZ optionFile 2018 (BUNDESLIGA, CSL, MLS)

    2. Bundesliga will be released in a few days.
  13. Cristiano92

    [PS4] Liga NOS with all litle detail

    great work, keep it going.