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    PES 2012 - Your top 6 suggestions

    I think everyone is gonna bitch and moan about goalkeepers being too bad then when the games come out there are gonna be too good and you cant score without a super perfect shot and people are gonna bitch and moan that they are too good.
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    Tutorial to Transfer 'Option Files' with USB stick!

    guys i know it might be sucky but if u want the whole thing first inject the whole folder and if it stops on 196 or watever then manually do it by opening the 0000001 folder or watever and drag dropping them into the box. YOU CAN ONLY DO 1 AT A TIME THO. Please some1 put this at time of main...
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    The 'How are you doing at Become A Legend mode' thread.

    Update: Hey just finished my 1st season with R.C. Deportivo La Coruna. It was an awesome season and im gonna sign for them again for 1.1million dollars!!!!!!!!!!! Age: 18 Matches Played: 46 Total Goals: 53 Total Hat Tricks: 13 Total Assists: 13 Internationals: 3 Offense: 88 Overall: 78 Top...
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    Player improvement

    im in my first year and i have 81 top speed and even if i put 6 on speed training it doesnt go up at all theres no little red bar showing improvement.
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    The 'How are you doing at Become A Legend mode' thread.

    Edit: @ Arsenal it depends sometimes staying with a worse team is good for training and sometimes its not good. Also u can change your teams rank significantly. On my other BAL i signed with mrabspor who was rank 150 and at the end of the year we were rank 16. Hey guys! I just restarted my...