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    Batman: Arkham City [PS3/360/PC]

    Still not liking some of the boss designs. Harley looks like too much of a sket and Two-Face could do with some work. He looks like a burns victim, which I guess technically he kinda is, but I prefer it when his design is kept simple, half a face scarred, then the classic Two-Face suit. Where as...
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    Tottenham Hotspur

    Great player, but I'm not sure where he'll fit into the Spurs team. 'Arry likes his 4-4-2 after all. I can't see him changing to 4-5-1 as they don't have a good enough striker who can play the lone role IMO, and playing VDV on the left and moving Bale to left-back would take a lot out of their...
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    Well that came out of nowhere! I hope he can be a big success. I can't say I've seen much of him, but he looks better suited to the PL than Aquilani. Rumours of Inler doing the rounds too. I expect it was him or Meireles, but I'd be made up if we managed to get rid of Lucas and brought in Inler...
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    General Wrestling Talk & News!

    Let Chris have his break, Miz and Barrett are on the brink of the main-event anyway. He can always come back in a few months and reveal himself as the master-mind behind Nexus or something. I wouldn't mind him moving to SmackDown when it moves to Syfy though. But I reckon if anyone moves...
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    Dead Rising 2 [360/PC/PS3]

    New release date of September 24th for us Brits. :joel: The downloadable prologue Case Zero is out on the 4th for 400 MS points too. Not sure when/if it'll come to the PS3. I have no idea how long it will be either, some say half hour, some say 2 hours.
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    We need a left-back, creative midfielder and striker, all for 16 or so million. Though I wouldn't be surprised if Roy isn't allowed to even spend half of the Mascherano money.
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    General Wrestling Talk & News!

    Serena had the best rack in the WWE. Fuckers.
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    Mafia 2

    Seems to be getting pretty average reviews. IGN gave it a 7 and Kotaku's review didn't sound too favourable. Hopefully it'll be £15-20 by Christmas.
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    Tottenham Hotspur

    Gallas has only signed a one year deal, so unless the singing on-fee was massive, it doesn't seem like he's really going for the money. Spurs wont be paying daft wages, I'm not sure who their highest earner is, but I imagine he doesn't earn more than 100k a week. Nor will Gallas. He'll be on...
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    The comments back me up! 'Women don't want to see a man's cleavage. Far more sexy is a...

    The comments back me up! 'Women don't want to see a man's cleavage. Far more sexy is a buttoned-up shirt and a narrow tie, or a polo neck, or a cashmere sweater with a very high V,' she advised. I'd probably wear one if I had a nice hairy chest like Ed though.
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    Tottenham Hotspur

    Great bit of business for Spurs. I still think he's one of the top five defenders in the league.
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    Fifa 11

    Ball still seems to be glued to the players' feet.
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    Looks like Aqua is off on loan to someone in Italy. Christ. We're going to be left with a midfield of Gerrard, Lucas and Poulsen, with Spearing as back-up. We'll be lucky to finish top half at this rate. Kuyt to Inter looks a possibility too. I'm concerned.