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    The Master League Experiences Thread

    LOL. Yeah, it's pretty crazy. I see him in the replays after I've scored with him, and I have to remind myself: "You know Totti couldn't actually get to that through ball in real life, right?" It's not realistic, I know, but in my 13th season with Forest, I think I've gotten past the...
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    PES 2017 First Pics and News!

    Why can't Konami bring back the option to create a stadium? It was in one of the PES games in the last four or five years (can't remember which) and at least it gave you the opportunity to have more that just the Konami stadium for every team. Also, for the love of God, will someone at Konami...
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    A question

    I stopped playing on-line in PES 2014, for the simple reason that for every one person who will play you fairly in a game, you'll get ten assholes who will cheat and use every underhanded tactic in the book. If I want a game to cheat me when I'm playing, I'll put in NBA 2K16 into the PS4 and...
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    Changing kit numbers?

    Go into your Team Management section and go to Edit Squad Number. You can do it from in there.
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    The Master League Experiences Thread

    This is what a regenned Francesco Totti looks like after ten years: My regenned Antonio Di Natale, who just became a legend on my game, isn't too far behind him: Those two up front! Well, let's just say that for the last two seasons they've combined to score over 100 goals between...
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    First thing to change - Difficulty level

    I hate people who use the best teams as well. That's why I've played Master League original lineup from the very moment the club team option became available. I've been playing as Nott'm Forest since PES 5, with the likes of Castolo and Kaiser and Orellano and Schwarz and other PES legends...
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    First thing to change - Difficulty level

    Go over to Database, go one down to Team Info, choose the league your team plays in, and then scroll down until you get to your team. It'll tell you what your FW, MF, and DF is, as well as how many stars your team has. The OP complained about the difficulty, not me. I just added to the...
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    First thing to change - Difficulty level

    I've gone 58-0-0 in a Master League season on PES 2016, on Superstar, but I have a ridiculous team with 100 Attack, 100 midfield, and 96 defence. I'm currently 50-0-0 in this, my thirteenth, season.
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    PES16...It's Good to be Back!

    My regen Antonio Di Natale is 102 OR (Totti is also 102 on my current save). Regen Didier Drogba is 100 OR.
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    Master League (offline) Team Roles

    That's strange. I thought it was only Messi and Ronaldo. It was that way on my game. Does it add a few more if you play outside of the European leagues, maybe? That could be it.
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    Master League (offline) Team Roles

    I'm not sure. I was just randomly going through team roles on the advanced search one day (think it was season 5) and I got to legend, fully expecting it to say 2 results, and there was a third guy in there. He was playing for Everton, and I immediately started negotiations. Got him in a few...
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    Master League (offline) Team Roles

    He's worth buying simply for the money he gives you (around 12 million at the end of every season, but also approx. £250,000 per home league game, and £400,000 per home Champions League tie, if you start him in those games), the boost in training experience he gives your fellow centre backs, and...
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    Master League (offline) Team Roles

    Yeah, I know. But a guy called Djene (centre back) pops up about two to three seasons in. Definitely worth picking him up.
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    champions league / Europa league ?

    Yeah, really annoying, and it wouldn't be that hard for Konami to make it that it changes every year in Master League, but remains the same if you just want to play the actual Champions League competition from the main menu.
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    Master League (offline) Team Roles

    They don't seem to understand that people who play sports games want some incentive to keep playing. For instance, why have they never included a career statistics option? Or why haven't they added in things like a list of most Champions or Europa Leagues won by teams? Why haven't they added the...