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Recent content by dougall

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    Backwards compatible ps5

    Ok thanks a lot ,prefer the older pes games with all the legend option files i play, hate pes 19,20,21 just hoping 22 is better on ps5
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    Backwards compatible ps5

    Wondering if PES 2018 and 2017 are backwards compatible on ps5 all i know pes 21 is ,my ps4 died so i was thinking instead of getting another ps4 just waiting until the ps5 is more available in stores, if only i can play 18-17.
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    eFootball PES 2021 SEASON UPDATE

    had to pay hate pes 2020 with a passion ,noticed rumors of updated gameplay and its true ,really it should have been the last update in pes 2020.
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    eFootball PES 2021 SEASON UPDATE

    the 21 update really improves the gameplay worth every penny, such a responsive game now
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    Things that annoy me of pes..

    the atmosphere is awful in pes fifa blows pes away with presentation.few years ago you could add you own chants to pes.what bothers me the most is that datapack 5 has broken the offline AI that was pro evos strong point for years, gone back to playing fifa 19 and pes 2018-17
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    Only my opinion

    just playing pes 2020 i was thinking it was one of the worst versions since 2014 ,your opinions are facts to me.
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    [Face] Any Option with legends ?

    not be long looks like tomorrow
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    [PS4] Philips OF / Team exports

    Thanks a lot...installed your option file and mixed it with other files for a complete option file, going to start a europe league,will be my first ML in pes 2018.
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    EFL Leagues 1 & 2

    thanks but i traded my copy of pes 2019 a few weeks ago while it had some value, i didn't think that version was a keeper.
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    EFL Leagues 1 & 2

    Thanks for the kits was thinking of making plymouth argyle seeing a family member just signed for them. used your blackpool kits in pes 2018 just wanted to beat them with PNE
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    Manchester United Club Edition

    odd i was just on facebook and then come here ,seen a AerialEdson post. he makes them for free
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    Questions from longtime FIFA player switching to PES

    played both since the start fifa pes/iss ,what you will notice is how smart superior the AI is in offline modes compared to fifa in the full game, has for pes 2019 i found it very frustrating trollish game much harder than 2018 on superstar/legend mode the AI was deadly in front of goal.i stuck...
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    Help with transfering data

    do they allow importing images on xbox one yet, bought a ps4 a few years back just for pes...importing and sharing data
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    PES 2020 Demo available

    having more fun playing the demo than pes 2019 full version. i even scored a header
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    Early days so far... but it's looking promising

    still playing 2018,i really disliked 2019 something really scripted about that i sunk so much time into 2018 adding about 40+ classic teams I didn't play too much until recently.