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  1. Estill

    do u play pre-season matches in ml?

    I usually do two pre-season matches on slot 4 and slot 8. Primarily I do this just to check out tactics and new line-ups, integrating new signings accordingly.
  2. Estill

    What song are you currently listening to?

    Razorlight - Before I Fall To Pieces Razorlight - Pop Song 2006 The Similou - All This Love
  3. Estill

    'Philosophical' quotes of WC 06

    "It's a game of two halves". Of course it is, there's the first half, and then the second half.
  4. Estill

    The "Whats That Song?" Thread

    The one song that springs to mind that has the lyrics "didn't know I was looking for love until I found you" is "Looking For Love" by Karen Ramirez
  5. Estill

    Saddest Film Moments ?

    It takes a real man to cry young sir :ninja:
  6. Estill

    Saddest Film Moments ?

    Bambi's mother's death got me as a youngen, and The Green Mile is also very sad, but by a mile it has to be.... The death of Mufasa. I think I literally cried for most of the rest of the film.
  7. Estill

    Clash of the Quarter Finals?

    I just can't wait to see Brazil-France. I watched with such intrigue as an 11 year old during the 1998 World Cup and it truly was the clash of the best two teams, and for me personally this is just a nice return to a match which reminds me of when football was literally everything in my life.
  8. Estill

    what happened to spain?

    I know what you mean. When everyone raved about Torres when he was like 18 I got excited about this young, Spanish goal machine, so over the last few seasons I've watched him on Revista de la Liga and the live Saturday matches, and he is talented, but does lack that vital quality of making...
  9. Estill

    FA Confirm Walcott Break

    Lovely stuff.
  10. Estill

    Poll: Golden Ball

    From that strange choice of candidates, Riquelme stands out so I voted for him, but others not on the list who should be considered.... -Phillip Lahm -Andrea Pirlo -Kaka -Rafael Marquez -Cristiano Ronaldo Pleasant surprises include... -Kalinichenko -The legend Sulley Muntari...
  11. Estill

    What song are you currently listening to?

    Fade - Solu Music Valerie - The Zutons Why Won't You Give Me Your Love? - The Zutons Fools Gold - The Stone Roses Waterfall - The Stone Roses My Star - Ian Brown
  12. Estill

    What song are you currently listening to?

    I Hope, I Think, I Know - Oasis Live Forever - Oasis All Ablaze - Ian Brown Suddenly kicked back into my usual music mode.
  13. Estill

    Best 4 La Liga Strikers in the 90's

    If this is a guessing game then I would guess at.... Romario Ronaldo Raul Laudrup
  14. Estill

    what happened to spain?

    To be honest I think this French performance was twice as good as any other they've produced this summer, and maybe it was a case of Spain climaxing too early (again) and the French scraping through to eventually dominate (again).
  15. Estill

    Poor Man Yoo Fan's With Nothing More To Do Than Talk About Little Old Newcastle

    Despite the subject being Newcastle United, it is still predominantly taking the piss out of them, as per usual, and so with the World Cup on and no real domestic news to talk about we might as well turn our attentions to the (now) 4th best United in the league. ;)