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    PES/WE site recruiting now!

    This one is admittedly brilliant, but there's a lot of stuff I would want to do personally and in my own way, and y0ux has a few ideas and the technical skills to do this..
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    PES/WE site recruiting now!

    Right, well me and y0ux have got together and thrown around a few ideas for a forthcoming PES/WE site, the name yet to be decided. We've already got quite a lot of content to work with, so it's a case of organising it and getting it up. Although much help woulld be needed and appreciated with...
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    Guide to Making your PES3 DVD into a CD for patching

    Just to see whether I should patch my we7 or pes3... What the advantages are advtgs of a pes3 rip patched over patched we7?
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    New Site

    kewl sounds like this one's got potential! I pm'd you, so if you do go ahead with it, jus pm me.. ;)
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    Euro And World Allstars

    You buy them at PES/WE Shop. However, you have to select the players for the teams as you like, which is all well, but is f*ckin hard! :)
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    What would make PES3 perfect?

    Personally I think here Id say licencing is the most important issue. But what you've left out is all the gameplay issues that need to be dealt with. You can't tell me you don't get quite easily frustrated with the game at times. With me it often seems that there is a lack of control in...
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    You can change all the teams 'formation settings' like you do before a game in the option in edit mode to change the default team tactics. However you need to unlock this edit mode option by getting 3000 WEN points, and heading for the WE Shop..
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    2003/2004 squad numbers

    Spurs 2003/2004 (got some strikers finally!!) Goalkeepers 0. Rob Burch 1. Neil Sullivan 13. Kasey Keller 33. Lars Hirschfeld Defenders 0. Stephen Kelly 2. Stephen Carr 3. Mauricio Taricco 5. Goran Bunjevcevic 6. Chris Perry 12...
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    WE7 Menu Translations - REAL!

    Cant seem to find the right update - ive downloaded the 'windows update', which I do for 2000 pro every month at least...
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    WE7 Menu Translations - REAL!

    Could someone please try and post the controls on that page here on the forum? ..My cpu wont display the characters, and i havent got the windows 2000 cd to install them..
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    How To Transfer Players In WE7

    But from what Im reading, surely if you cant register a created player to a club team, you can unlock the transfer mode and transfer him from the nation youve inserted him to.. Bit of a lengthy task but you could do it right?
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    Side-step and Flick Movies

    To do the 'beckham trick' just sidestep then continue to hold R2 but release any directions. He'l keep moving sideways until you use directions. Wots kewl is to hit the direction towards where you were running when you did the sidestep, and the player will inject a bit of pace with a neat...
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    How to change the P1 and P2 cursor names?

    Yeh very true. Jus like initials or sumin.. I found 'Jonny' above the name got in the way far too much.. Do they appear yellow when youve been booked with that player too? hmmm I'll try it out inabit..
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    Side-step and Flick Movies

    Brilliant mate! Very skillful indeed... Inspiring us all to try new tricks!
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    How to change the P1 and P2 cursor names?

    Yeh it is. Heres your guide ;) 1. If you check the translation thread, you'll find that the option is something like second in the options menu.. 2. Then when you type in your name you need to click one of the options in japanese to turn on english characters. Once typed you now have...