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Recent content by Fabrizzio1985

  1. Fabrizzio1985

    What song are you currently listening to?

    Within Temptation :)
  2. Fabrizzio1985

    How do you backup an Edit File on PES2020?

    Just copy Your KONAMI folder from My Documents on drive C to some different place on hdd. Then edit or change things as You want. If You will have some problems or crashes then delete KONAMI folder in My Documents and copy-paste back the folder You have ealier moved to another place :).
  3. Fabrizzio1985

    Things that annoy me of pes..

    PES 2019 had not some new problems which PES 2020 have unfortunately as I can see now :(. Only one example... in editors created by either Ejogc or Lagun there is not possible to edit options like: "Has Anthem" and "Standing Style During Anthem". It is couse of some changes KONAMI has made in...
  4. Fabrizzio1985

    [Exports] All National Teams (PC)

    Indeed :). Big thanks to Everyone who are here with Mars and me on the credit list in 1 post on 1 page of this thread... who has helped us to improve this ANT Patch V3.0 for PES 2019 on PC in various subjects: audio, graphics, stadiums and more. Without Your help and work this mod would not be...
  5. Fabrizzio1985

    [Exports] All National Teams (PC)

    Information for everybody. What I could improve as possible I did. What I can not I did not improve unfortunately. I have upload and sent links to Mars of our ANT Patch V3.0 for PES 2019 on PC. Maybe some things will be possible to improve by Mars. I meet the wall for more improvements :angry...
  6. Fabrizzio1985

    [Exports] All National Teams (PC)

    Official new video of ANT Patch V3.0 for PES 2019 on PC :):
  7. Fabrizzio1985

    [Exports] All National Teams (PC)

    Few other matches from ANT Patch V3.0 for PES 2019 on PC: RL9 = 5...
  8. Fabrizzio1985

    [Exports] All National Teams (PC)

    Some new matches from ANT Patch V3.0 for PES 2019 on PC:
  9. Fabrizzio1985

    [Exports] All National Teams (PC)

    Few another matches from ANT Patch V3.0 for PES 2019 on PC:
  10. Fabrizzio1985

    [Exports] All National Teams (PC)

    Thanks. Yes. It is amaizing mod. Best ANT Patch ever made for PES game. It was a giant work needed to be done on PC version. For PC version I have made also some new clubs important world wide like: Real Madrid and Bayern Munich. And also other important clubs to both of us as co-authors here...
  11. Fabrizzio1985

    [Exports] All National Teams (PC)

    Hello. Here are some new matches from our ANT Patch V3.0 for PES 2019 on PC. After Poland - France match there are visible last changes... including perfect structures and placement of all the new national teams... all with own flags and own national anthems which are from now on available...
  12. Fabrizzio1985

    [Exports] All National Teams (PC)

    Few examples of matches in our ANT Patch V2.0 (156NT) for PES 2019 on PC:
  13. Fabrizzio1985

    [Exports] All National Teams (PC)

    Hello. Improvements since V1.0. We have now NOT 155 but 156 NT :). One small thing... after I have moved FC Barcelona to Other European Teams there was a gap in Spanish League (Africa III), free place which I must fixed. Only way it was to moved some other NT which is near to Africa to fill this...
  14. Fabrizzio1985

    [Exports] All National Teams PS4

    Yeah. This is a very good website of national teams data. If so, please remember Bro, we are mainly on Evo-Web. Our aim is clear: 220NT for PES 2019 on PS4 and of course for PES 2019 on PC too with all those new stadiums and other things. So it is only one direction in front for all of us...
  15. Fabrizzio1985

    Request - Silesian Stadium From FIFA for PES's ANT Patch

    Stadium was made by Arthur Torres: This thread could be closed now.