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    [PS4] DFL OptionFile 2017 (Bundesliga and more)

    New So I just got the game so I need actually install 3, 3.1, 3.2? or do i just copy over updated stuff from the 3.1 and 3.2?
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    Data Pack 1 Released

    Thanks I will try it!
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    Data Pack 1 Released

    **Urgent PS4 version** I don't want to be annoying but I am not sure what to do! I did let DP update download BUT I did not click the update Club/National team sqauds (aka the transfers until 08/30) so I could finish copy base players that would have vanished/ done prelim work on...
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    Data Pack 1 Released

    Hey quick question guys. When I was prompted to click update club/national sqauds during the Datapack install I clicked them off (I was still copy basing players/loading kits/rivals/stadiums etc) but now that I am done I would like to get transfers up to date (well aug. 30..) How would I do this...
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    Data Pack 1 Released

    Data pack question... I didn't click on the update club/national squads as I am creating bundesliga etc.. still (don't want to lose preset faces and such) so when I am done this how can I get the "update" ? Thanks in advance.
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    [LEAGUE]Major League Soccer Creation Thread

    nice work Milanello84 only tip would be to make adidas logo a little smaller but other than that great!
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    [PS3 - BLUS31029] PES 2013 MLS, NASL & USL Pro Option File

    I can try but it might not turn out great due to editing restrictions.
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    [PS3 - BLUS31029] PES 2013 MLS, NASL & USL Pro Option File

    I am fixing up stadiums and even adding CenturyLink Field (Sounders) and Red Bull Arena (New York) so I hope to have it either as pack or export files.
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    [PS3 - BLUS31029] PES 2013 MLS, NASL & USL Pro Option File

    Here is another link: if you don't want to sign up for 4shared...
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    [KITS] Nemisiskidd 2013 (All Requests in the Kit Request Thread)

    well happy birthday man..Anways great work on WE League kits any chance of doing PES League or know of any one who has?
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    [EMBLEMS] The League/Cup Logos Creation Thread 2012/13

    anyone find/make a pes league or we league logo?
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    [KITS] D2 League Fantasy Kits: PREVIEW

    Very cool idea I checked out your work last year and I am quite impressed with quality of work. Sucks about people taking credit for your work but I guess that is always a risk with an open source format of this site and others like this. Cheers!
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    [LEAGUE] The English Premier League Creation Thread 2012/13

    What is the official entrance music (for whole league) ? I know that each club has there own song when they walk on field.
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    [EXPORTS] BLUS Team & Stadium Sharing Thread

    The preset in-game international players got transferred back so you need to transfer them back to the clubs. IE Gotze (GER National Team) to Dortmund etc...