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  1. filobeto

    PES 13 Custom Cover

    A Blackpool cover would make my day!
  2. filobeto

    Return to MLO after a break

  3. filobeto

    Return to MLO after a break

    Ah, yup, I have seen this, and really thought it was down to the players quality! Little shits... Don't worry, I'm 34, and play for fun, not an ego massage like a lot of the guys on there..
  4. filobeto

    Return to MLO after a break

    Auto free kick? Am I missing something??
  5. filobeto

    Has anybody else experienced this

    Yup, three times in last two nights. When through on goal, they lag you to death, gain possession and run to the other end and score. Really a nnoying.
  6. filobeto

    PES 2012 - The Positive Positives...and The Gamebreaking Negatives!

    I alos think the sliding tackle button is broken! Dreadful delay... If I wanna slide around the pitch, ten yards away from a man, why can't I??
  7. filobeto

    Offensive levels in play

    I'm probably missing something, but in the instructions it says something along the lines of pressing up on the Dpad to increase attacking levels in play, and down on for more defensive. However this doesn't seem to work for me. Is there no option, like last year (select and triangle, circle...
  8. filobeto

    master league online is awful this year

    Great quote
  9. filobeto

    Biggest flaw ever, unbelievable

    Ok, so I've always stuck by PES, but this really has to be the final straw... I rush out to buy it on UK release day this morning, £35.00, happy days. Head home, cellophane off, pop the disc into the PS3, and as every year dive straight into Master League. Now here's my issue. Everyone...
  10. filobeto

    Long ranger trophy

    Um dunno, I'd rather have the credit fairly. Plus (a little sad I know), but if I've hit a scorcher, I'd like the chance to save the replay!
  11. filobeto

    Long ranger trophy

    Yup, enjoyed it. Great view from the top tier where we were. Two top goals by your boys too...
  12. filobeto

    Long ranger trophy

    So I'm playing the game, as one does, two nil up and cruising. Pegged back to two-two with ten minutes to play... Final action in stoppage time, I win a corner, every man bar one right back up. Keeper clears, whistle goes, damn... In frustration at my inabilty to keep hold of the lead, I...
  13. filobeto

    Saving formations

    It's probably staring me in the face, but last year I could easily save my three prefereed formations under data managment, and use them from the start, or switch to in play on the subs page. However this year I only seem to be able to save one? Any help folks? Ta