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    Football Manager 2008 [PC/Mac]

    Copy the config line of another player and change around the unique id to your current one, and put your picture in the same folder, if that makes sense.
  2. Freestyle27

    face pack made by eye toy

    We need more of these packs around. Great start, thanks.
  3. Freestyle27

    Underrated games!

    Always thought the Conflict series never received the acclaim it deserved, although it may just be me not noticing it did. Quality series of games like.
  4. Freestyle27


    On the old ones it depended on who you were editing, as if they were registered to a national team you couldn't change it. However, daint nah if its the same on 2008.
  5. Freestyle27

    Classic Teams

    Nah neither are on the game Theres the Shop Unlockables
  6. Freestyle27

    Classic Teams

    Bobby's not in the side That should have them all in in, think its just a case of naming them by their number.
  7. Freestyle27

    Face scans in pes 2008: the funny edition

    Absolutley quality, need to get Bean in me game
  8. Freestyle27

    A possible Way of getting photoshop edited images in on to kits?

    I assume the image data is stored in the bin file, however i dont think it is a regular bin image file as i coudlnt extract it with magiciso or burn it with nero. Definatley worth looking further into it though as thats almost certainly the way forward
  9. Freestyle27

    Editing bin files

    Does anyone who's inserted a face via the camera fancy uploading the data file with the .bin?
  10. Freestyle27 orders on verge of delay

    Apparently i got mine today, in leeds till the weekend mind, so only getting told something came through the post
  11. Freestyle27 orders on verge of delay

    Just got a text from saying "your order has been dispatched today with 1st class recorded signed for delivery." Cant even remember entering me mobile number like, but if it means today, as in tuesday, for next day delivery, think that it will get delivered tomorrow?
  12. Freestyle27

    [MULTI] Lennon Classic OF V6 - 142 CLASSIC TEAMS - OUT NOW!!

    Flicked through the thread, and i might have missed it, but is the english ps3 version still waiting to be converted? Looks class though Lennon, looking forward to playing with it.
  13. Freestyle27

    vieri, raúl, kluivert, ronaldo & figo in PES3

    Daint nah if you found them on that site, but here they are...
  14. Freestyle27

    Classic players and teams

    Didnt think it was ever there