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  1. FutebolArte

    PES 2012 Demo Review

    Ha fifa rankings r a joke...
  2. FutebolArte

    Demo gameplay First Impressions

    drugs are bad, m'kay... WEs r ALWAYS better than PESs.... Actually better is a subjective word. Different would b better adjective (HA!).
  3. FutebolArte

    Edit Mode PES 2012

    looks like grafite
  4. FutebolArte

    Seabass to lose job?

    if this is true... OMG... remember when PES was PS2 exclusive AKA the glory days??? man, non of this bit working on the ps3, this bit working on 360, and this bit on the 3d.... man this would be epic.. one giant team working on PES....
  5. FutebolArte

    What games are you waiting for?

    anyone know when Journey comes out?
  6. FutebolArte

    North American Cover

    I'm hoping its real... this reminds me of the PS2 WE days...
  7. FutebolArte

    North American Cover

    looks awesome
  8. FutebolArte

    Pro Evo 2012 vs FIFA 12

    poles r for mo's to sit on....
  9. FutebolArte

    Will You Buy PES 2012 And Judge It Based On The Demo ?

    past years the demo dropped on psn a month before release... so I'm estimating around aug 27
  10. FutebolArte

    Will You Buy PES 2012 And Judge It Based On The Demo ?

    i actually liked the demo's gameplay better than the actual game
  11. FutebolArte

    PES 2012 to be released Sep 27th in America

    right... well fair enough, I hardly played online, but usually if you pick a shittier team, they'd usually match... like using either boca or river...
  12. FutebolArte

    KONAMI...drown yourselves you traitors!

    zieg hiel! proper grammar and syntax is important
  13. FutebolArte

    KONAMI...drown yourselves you traitors!

    I like the guys from reviews on the run... they take journalism a bit more seriously than all the others plus they film in my hood....
  14. FutebolArte

    Why isn't Santos FC in Copa ???

    santos weren't in the 2010 edition... this years version they'll be in it, but knowing konami they'll underrate them like every other south american team...
  15. FutebolArte

    KONAMI...drown yourselves you traitors!

    fellas, this whole US thing means that MEXICO and the rest of south america also get it that date... do you people think its actually a US release date, you mofos either are too stupid to know geography, or just too arrogant to see it... either way, Ur a fucktard.