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  • hey mate,

    Accepted your request to join Team PESGaming, you're now in the club! Enjoy! :)
    hi pategato,

    so not sure if your the person for this but im having some problems with getting the xbox 360 option file to work. i have used xport and i have the datel transfer kit and put everything from d&c's option file in the folders your post said to, however..... even though my xbox in the system preferences/memory section shows i have data on the memory card for pes 2010 when i turn on the game the basic option file is there????? can you help
    Really that sucks. I dealt with you back with PES 2008 and you had created an American OF which was great. You were more than helpful. Well let me know if you hear of an American PSP version..

    Hey. I wanted to know if you have any info on the US version of the Option File for the PES 2010 (PSP )?
    Hey I'm doing my own little OF thing I'm replacing the WE and PES United teams. So far I made Flamengo I havent decided on the other team but I want it to be a squad from the Americas maybe Corinthians , Chivas or Club America. btw we should def get a match in since you have the UK version
    Hey i live in the US and i have a few questions about getting the UK version of pes this year. Can you check your inbox i have a few questions for you and i would greatly appreciate it if you answered them :)
    I live in Queens and unfortunately I dont have MSN I have AIM if you would like me to send you my screen name.
    If you are interested in making a ps3 option file, I am willing to help out, I have made option files for ps2 with mexican teams but I took a break as you probably know how exhausting it could be. I want to come back into editing for the ps3, so let me know.
    hello! great job with the 2008 OF for ps2 and psp. one question though.. is there anywhere else i can download the file? i cant seem to download it from filefront...
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