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    [PS2] Which one to play today ? 6 or 2008 ?

    Sorry for answering a 3 year old post but here is my answer
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    Pes 2017(ps3)

    Hi ArtisanWenger, I posted this on evoweb earlier. It may give you an idea of how I feel about it... "I normally play ML on the PS4 version but i get a bit fed up when my players start to feel sluggish and then the scripting kicks in and then i have a break and come back to it. But i just...
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    [PS3] OF PES 2017 | Bundesliga & Liga MX |

    Thank you JeeCkho this is fantastic work! Also thanks sigou for converting. I play on PS4 but my brother has a PS3 and this works fine. :)
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    Hi, i have been playing PES all the way back from ISS days. I am loving PES2017 and i am beginning to place it above PES5. The only thing i would like changed/included is the 'free sides select' option. This is so i can start a World Cup with 32 'human' teams, pick the sides for each team, but...
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    [PS3] Team Exports [BLUS/BLES/BLAS]

    Thanks Jee for your hard work. I look forward to your OF. I actually use the PS4 but this is for when I play against my brother on PS3. Thanks again.
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    Ai in demo much better...!?

    Do you think it may have something to do with the adaptive AI? When you first play it is easy but then the AI works out the way you play and plays differently making it harder.
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    <June 2016> PES5 UEFA Euro 2016 Option File for PC & PS2

    The flags cannot be changed as it is an option file not a patch. Everything is done using the in game editor. Correct me if im wrong Santi :)
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    <June 2016> PES5 UEFA Euro 2016 Option File for PC & PS2

    It may also be an idea to post your option file on evoweb here in the bottom section It's good to try to keep this game alive :)
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    <June 2016> PES5 UEFA Euro 2016 Option File for PC & PS2

    Hi Santi thanks again for all your hard work. Can I ask what stats you use for Iceland as I don't think PSD has all the players on there? Also, what stat changes do you make specifically, if any? Thanks again. :)
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    PES5 UEFA 2015/16 Option File for PC & PS2

    Hi Santi, I was the one that asked the question on your you tube video regarding stat changes. Thanks for the reply. I think you have done very good with your option file. I am starting to work on my one again after about 4 months break. I also do stat changes to make the CPU play better...
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    [PS3] paul2478 PES 2015 OF (BLES/BLUS/BLAS)

    Hi, regarding the PES2015 one. Make sure it is in a folder entitled "SAVEDATA" and that folder should be in another folder entitled "PS3" then it should find it. With the PES2013 one, is your version up to date with the latest data pack etc...? If not then it will not work unless you find one...
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    [PS3] paul2478 PES 2015 OF (BLES/BLUS/BLAS)

    Hi, should be here...
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    Honesty about the Low Shots from the CPU...

    A word of warning, just make sure that you get PES2015 before Konami stop the updates for it. I know on PS3 they stop them about 2 years after release so you cannot get the latest patch and gameplay fixes. May be different on Xbox though. Yes I have to say that PES5 is the best for me. Me and...
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    Honesty about the Low Shots from the CPU...

    Yeh that's fair enough as long as you have fun with one of them :D. I play 2013 with semi assist, it's fine in midfield but a few times it happened when defending the through ball. I find it annoying because after a lot of practice I can defend pretty well but when the player gets passed and...
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    Honesty about the Low Shots from the CPU...

    Have you tried PES2015? I went back to PES2013 to play a few games. Enjoyed it initially because the shooting is better but then started getting frustrated with the cursor changing which was making it difficult to defend. Went back to 2015 and i am still enjoying it. The build up from...