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Recent content by Gim87

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    [PS4] Sharing Teams Exports

    I have imported on Quatzolla the Junior FC (Colombia) with a second account and removed duplicated. I take Junior from the Libertadores OF by the sudamerican editers team all credit to them Here:
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    [PS4] Ketchup Gamers (CSL and Brasileirão)

    Hi Paul, with V2 realeased is necessary to install V1 or it's a standalone install?
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    [PS4] Sharing Teams Exports

    kits aren't that good cause they aren't made by pesteam staff but by user with pesmaster kit maker..if u serch those of 4n63l (on his twitter there's the link)them are very good. EDIT IMPORTANT: there are 2 conflicts with erzo77 LigaMX -CLUB DEPORTIVO EL NACIONAL (File elnac.ted) overwrite CA...
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    [PS4] Sharing Teams Exports

    Hi guys, New patch for others Latin American club: It seems very I install it and verify direct link:!ZJ8FxKzC!FrYozXFeSh-oMyL16tjdXxpIOTxK4jwyLtTmvBm3nc8 ther's everything inside but the best are the others american and la liga...
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    Hi cristiano I have renamed bundesliga kits made by 4n63l like yours and inserted them in your...

    Hi cristiano I have renamed bundesliga kits made by 4n63l like yours and inserted them in your OF..there are amazing in game..if you want i send you the folder
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    [PS4] FBNZ optionFile 2018 (BUNDESLIGA, CSL, MLS)

    Hi Cristiano, I ve reset the based copy players in the rosters of bundes and moved the real player from the free agency. When I ll install the v1.5 this work of mine will be reset? Have you exported the teams with real players or with the based copy? Thanks for the reply and your amazing work
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    [PS4] OF Erzo 77

    Thanks Erzo!
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    [PS4] Sharing Teams Exports

    Erzo is planning Liga Mx for next week
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    [PS4] OF Erzo 77

    Donated too..good initiative..i wish you and your country all the best
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    [TEAMS] •• Liga MX | APERTURA Teams Export••

    thanks for the amazing work! have you an estimated time for the release?
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    [EXPORTS] Share Teams Thread

    It's the thread they use habitually..we ask even to Angelotorero but seems no one have made those teams..
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    [EXPORTS] Share Teams Thread

    Hi guys Racaco and atanimation needs Apoel,rapid Wien,standard liegi kits to finish their jobs. Anyone have those kits?