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    Premier League kits for everyone

    No, not with the ingame tools.
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    Premier League kits for everyone

    Allright, here we go. I bring you kits for: - Arsenal (home / away) - Chelsea (home / away) - Liverpool (home / away) - Manchester United (home / away) These are my first kits ever so don't expect perfection (alltho I must say I'm pretty satisfied with the result), but you can expect...
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    Amateur work in progress

    Yea I already tried that. It didn't work. :( Thanks tho.
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    Amateur work in progress

    Actually it's a bit of a bitch to get the colors right, it takes alot of time and patience. Just tweak the contrast and the RGB until you get it right, there's really no "easy" way to do it. Thanks for all the kind words. I'll keep working and hopefully release an option file sometime next...
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    Amateur work in progress

    I'm working on my first kits ever for pes, and this is what I've got so far: I'm not actually 100% sure if that's the away kit chelsea is using atm, if it's not, please let me know. :) Also, I'm wondering how you import more than 8 pictures into the game, it kinda sucks not...
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    PES2008 on PS3 = Crap!?

    I just tried out pes2008 on PS3 and I was chocked to see the terrible graphics and framerate. As a PC gamer I notice these stuff immediately, but you don't hear much about it from console gamers, are you guys used to this crap and don't notice it or what's the deal? The reason I'm so surprised...
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    Premier League team emblems...

    Thanks alot, it works great. @ Snake-UK: Make sure to get the right version of GGS, which is 7.1.6 - download here: The exact names of the files to import over are 'unnamed_8065.bin' and 'unnamed_8066.bin'. It's the last two files in...