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  • I never even thought about that last paragraph. How fucking stupid :lmao:
    I don't mind the fail, because MITB being successsful all the time is no fun. But to have it right before SummerSlam and with there being no way to add it to the build of Cena/Corbin is ridiculous. Like, this should have been done weeks ago, whoch would lead to Corbin destroying Cena so bad that he's off TV for a few weeks and maybe making their SummerSlam match no holds bar and just a massive brawl. It could have actually gave Corbin some development. But forget actually planning...
    I thought they were doing it cause they had too many matches. But both are on SS still. I guess for Finn it was a reason to use the paint. No idea about the CW.
    Well Raw has been better since WM. Smackdown has gone downhill a real bad way since AJ lost the title.
    You mean you're not interested in Jinder vs Nakamura? Asia's finest stars going one on one?
    I'd recommend them all. Virginia is quite short, and pretty much a walking sim. Volume is a decent puzzler. Unravel is good, as is oxenfree.
    Nah. I don't really have the will to do more than one playthrough of large open world games these days.
    She is smoking, whether she's slim or packing on some extra pounds, plus she's bisexual :phew:

    Shit, Fez from That 70's show was porking her when he was 31 and she was 18, lucky bastard :mad:
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