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  • I was thinking that too, but then realised that limits feud time to just 1 month. But two different tag titles and womens title isn't great...
    Surely Smackdown had to get more titles? I guess it will happen at their first exclusive PPV. What are women and tags even fighting for?
    Doghouse I think. And rightly so. He'll still be main eventing 33 vs Cena though.

    Are you ready for Ambrose/Wyatt again? Lol.
    I guess it still makes sense as you have that rich lineage on your show. Can't have only one World title if the champ ain't allowed to flaot.
    I think 2 world titles are expected. Also heard that they could be 2 ppvs a month :poorchoice:
    Yep. Logic was repeatedly raped. As usual then.

    Pretty sure Reigns or Rollins wins on Sunday.
    I have now :phew:

    It's more a novel than a game, shit loads of text with nice faggy art and japanese voice acting. I love the story, but thats because i;ve watched the anime already, and the game has loads of alternative endings which add to the anime.

    Only gameplay involved is you choosing text message responses really, with some impacting the overall story and others just adding extra dialogue. I honestlyu can't recommend it to you.
    I was thinking coincidence, because they also added him into the title match at Battleground. But rumours going around that they did know beforehand. Yet still put him in the match because the suspension will end before the PPV...

    I need to put something else as it doesn't like all caps.
    Andy being more of a black man than me :hogan:

    I can't believe they let Seth win clean. The end of the Roman Reigns experiment?
    The way Styles won was pretty pathetic, so I'd say the burial has started.

    Did you stay up to watch Game 7?!
    So Smackdown is going Live every week from July 19 and the brand split will reoccur. Could give some NXT guys a better chance to shine since they should be space for more guys now.
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