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    Real Madrid

    Billy Minof, do not kid yourself, Liverpool in Anfield is no easy match. I'm hoping for at least a 2-0 win at the Bernabeu because I do not foresee Ramos having open, free flowing attack in Anfield, but instead a more counter attack mindset. Robben is fit for the match, so probably: Casillas...
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    Real Madrid

    Raul has become Madrid's all-time highest scorer, with 309 goals in tonight's 4-0 win over Sporting Gijon. Goals from Raul, Hunterlaar, Marcelo, and then Raul again with solid play from Pepe and Cannavaro in the middle and swift attack from Ramos, to the defensive solidarity as well as...
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    Real Madrid

    They are different moves; Faubert is a loan for six months during which he has very little to prove, so should he impress he'll be offered a lucrative contract. I find that to be a brilliant strategy, the player is left with less pressure to be a savior of some kind. And after all, he knew his...
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    What song are you currently listening to?

    Modest Mouse - Talking Shit About a Pretty Sunset. . . Mmmm, not exactly the perfect song to accompany the Netherlands/France match, nevertheless, a very relaxing piece.
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    FC Porto

    So Porto has sold Bosingwa off to Chelsea and it looks as though Quaresma is set to depart as well. Should be very interesting to see who they pull in this season to replace them. Apparently Porto has players of high caliber prepared to step up to the challenge, but they are also quite young...
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    Real Madrid

    Very nice bro. I'm hoping to get to see a game next time I'm over visiting family. The train ride is roughly five hours and it will drop me off very close to El Santiago Bernabeu, so why not? :) Anyways, looks like Levante will not play us this weekend. The players have decided to forfeit...
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    The "What Movie Did You Last Watch" Thread

    Paradise Now. Good film. Very powerful as well. I enjoyed it very much as it did not try to convince the viewer that terrorist bombings were acceptable or anything of that nature, it simply sought to provide the audience with the Palestinian perspective of the situation. If you do not mind...
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    What song are you currently listening to?

    I Got Mine - Black Keys Strange Times - Black Keys . . . . . . Followed by some random Gnarls Barkley songs.
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    Boswinga's on his way to Chelsea...

    Chelsea have acquired a very good right back in Bosingwa. Pinto is no moron and only sells Porto players for a top dollar as he knows they are in demand. Pepe, Carvalho, and now Bosingwa. He'll get the amount he wants for the players- obviously. Quaresma is supposedly the next one out this...
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    Current Best Keeper?

    San Iker. Easily.
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    *~La Liga Thread~* 2004/05 - 2009/10

    It was rare to see that passing and movement out of us much this season. Injuries, frustration, etc all contributed to a very inconsistent, nauseating season. However, Schuster's second year will be much more fluid. He will have the same squad at his disposal, with a few new faces and a few...
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    Real Madrid

    We have a relatively large squad, but some of those players will be departing- for obvious reasons. I hardly consider Salgado a stable choice at right back. Soldado needs to be at a club where they will trust him, same goes for Saviola. Metzelder will be kept another season and if he does not...
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    *~La Liga Thread~* 2004/05 - 2009/10

    Not much better eh? It is trivial to argue this with you as you are obviously blinded by biases. I'm assuming the thrashing you received yesterday was not testament to our superiority? :rolleyes:
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    Real Madrid

    English clubs are constantly doing it, so duh, you already have since snatching Cesc. Anyways, time for a summer cleaning. I personally, would only like to have three or four players enter the squad, as any more would disrupt the current unity. Salgado, Soldado, Baptista, Dudek, and Saviola...
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    FC Barcelona

    Honestly, Fabregas will cost a hell of a lot more than 20million. Anyways, Guardiola is a nice throw back to the good ol' days, but it's an awful idea. Barca are in crisis so they decide to promote a manage with absolutely no first division management knowledge? Does that not seem like a...