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Recent content by holyfsm42

  1. holyfsm42

    [KITS] English Lower League Kits

    Great job man! Do you, by any chance, take requests? Thanks in advance!
  2. holyfsm42

    The PES 2019 Request Thread

    Hi! Can someone make for me the Maccabi Tel Aviv kits for PS4? I, of course, will provide right now pictures of the kits, as well as the sponsors (if you can't find them). Photos: Home: Shirt – Front: Sleeve sponsor (On both sleeves, and on all kits. Image of the logo added...
  3. holyfsm42

    [FACES] holyfsm42 faces

    Barak Itzhaki- Maccabi Tel Aviv 8ig6XyidOMQ ronystan, I updated the Maccabi post, might help you for the face index ;)
  4. holyfsm42

    Faces By El flaco27 (Salvatore96)

    Hey, Can you do Egor Filipenka for me? Thank you!
  5. holyfsm42

    [FACES] holyfsm42 faces

    Maybe. I have a tough schedule in school and also a few requests. I'll notify you if I decide not to do him. Anyway I'll be glad if you send me two pictures of him (1 front, 1 side). Thanks!
  6. holyfsm42

    Faces by bamabravesfan

    Hey, mind doing Tal Ben Haim (the defender) for me? Thank you!
  7. holyfsm42

    Top bar disappeared

    Anything new? Man, it's been almost a year :erm:
  8. holyfsm42

    [FACES] holyfsm42 faces

    Rúben Micael- Maccabi Tel Aviv _w6dNLYM_VM ;)
  9. holyfsm42

    ★ Faces ★ By Petriz17

    Yes, I'll be glad. Thank you.
  10. holyfsm42

    [FACES] holyfsm42 faces

    Hey guys... See. 9th grade is a LOT harder than I thought it would be, and I have much less time than last year. Now, sorry if that disappoints you, but I'm starting to think of stopping making faces. It's just... Too much for me. Do you have any ideas for me to handle the pressure? Thank...
  11. holyfsm42

    Faces by bamabravesfan

    Hey, Can you please do Dor Micha for me? Thank you!!!
  12. holyfsm42

    [FACES] holyfsm42 faces

    Really? Great, thanks! I would like, though, to have Benayoun ahead of time so I could have the whole Maccabi team earlier. Thank you!
  13. holyfsm42

    [FACES] holyfsm42 faces

    Thanks! Great to see you guys back too! btw, Ratmundo , any chance you could do Yossi Benayoun for me again? You made him great last year and I need him for my Maccabi Tel Aviv team. Thank you!
  14. holyfsm42

    [FACES] holyfsm42 faces

    Nosa Igiebor-Maccabi Tel Aviv B68btKLtqCc
  15. holyfsm42

    [FACES] holyfsm42 faces

    Eden Ben Basat- Maccabi Tel Aviv NVndyqw_23c btw any of ya got requests? ;)