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  • What the fuck is this?


    Aiding the monster is as bad as creating one! You'll rue this day, just wait until Sminky has polluted every goddam thread with this image.

    You have been warned :folarm:
    That's ok Bruv, always nice to shine some Pinderness on my peers. No euphemism intended ... fnar fnar!
    As my profile page is the home of the Sminky & fick love-in, then it's the place to be, my good man.

    Over 7000 views can't be wrong. (Even though 5000 are probably due to Sminky :))
    hi iam kerolos from egypt i want your help in pes 11 i creat aplayer in pes 11 but i didnot know how i but this player in ateam i am new in this game sorry for my bad english
    Brilliant picture of Cole down there laughin man. I went to thank you on your wall, but I think you've disabled comments it seems - hence the post here!
    Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and TT Games have announced that there'll be more LEGO Harry Potter magic coming later this year, seeing plastic Harry and his friends fighting through the dramatic events of years 5-7, based upon the final three books and final four movies.

    With the same magical gameplay, with new lessons, more potion making, new spells and other bonus content, LEGO Harry Potter: Years 5-7 will be giving fans another dose of brick-shaped magic when it launches in quarter 4, 2011.

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