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  • So hear I am again playing pes I played a few off you just the last 2 nights I beat a few you in fact more than a few off you. 28/12/18 29/12/18 I iain our iainx73 as you know me on the Xbox one. This prove to me more than half off you have been cheating on pes. I also seen something on YouTube by a Konami programer about poeople on pes lagg cheating people. What did I tell you all a few years back about cheating. That’s not fair play and it’s not football ⚽️ our soccer as the Americans call it. So stop lagging stop cheating and play fifa pes fair play pes fair play. Pes fair play and be a gentleman and be a man and play fair. Beyond belief the card game. Judge Roy Bean will get you all and get my goals and my money back that you cheated me out off for the last 15 years.
    Here we go once again when I get better at pes we get people either cheating our quitting out like Gaass4 he is beating me with Newcastle on pes18 at half time. Going well for him looking good because he is hammering me with FC Barcelona. So I score 3 goals with in 5 mins then another 1goes in so it gets to the 86 min the game yes you all know. The we circle comes up on the left hand side the screen. Course there be no change as the match was deemed void. The result from the match will not be recorded either. since between you and Gaass4 the lag has worsent. We all know who the cheats are out there. The cockroaches on Pes. The other cockroach was TheHazzard7 he could move all his players make substitutions while it say at my end please wait will you have 11 players while cockroach TheHazzard7 can have 14 players at a start off a match pes and cockroach TheHazzard7 has been doing this for years on pes and Konami have still done nothing about these cockroaches
    Pes2018 You have to admit there are still a lot off laggers and cheaters on Pes. Do you agree our disagree?
    Have you ever noticed guys when you are on the attack and when they are defending it always happens more than once our twice always against the same players. I think I said this on fifa to they change there Gamertag name hoping you think you will not notice it is them. Why haven`t KONAMI made a cokroaches room. For the Cockroaches EA and KONAMI COCK ROACHES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I Had it last night again paused the game and it come up on my side Please wait While I move my players into position on Pes2018 Please wait iain73. While I move my players down the left our down the right the wings so I can cut the ball back and beat you with Internazionale Milan S.p.A

    I just thought how long as the game been out and the Cockroaches are still at it CHEATIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    The hall of fame losers cheaters and laggers Amigo2001 OliveJam9083984 the hall of fame off loser lagger's and cheaters. The cockroaches hall of fame pes2018 let's name these cockroaches and shame these cockroaches hall off fame in pes hall off fame online cockroaches pes2018
    19/12/2017 Why do these guys like OliveJam9083984 and Amigo2001 Play Pes17 I score against you and as soon as I score you quit out how many times have you scored against me? Twice you tried to lagg me Amigo2001 didn't you? Another idiot that spoils the game Amigo2001. I can't beat you so I try and cheat to beat you the both off you Amigo2001 and OliveJam9083984. So go away and don't even bother playing FIFA because I be on there to at some time in 2018 our 2019. Just stop playing both Pes and FIFA because you are no cheating me our any one else that plays FIFA our pes online. You pair are only cheating yourself's. Plus what was that rubbish you send me Amigo2001. About quitting out 2 times loser.
    How many off you get this in the game off pes17? Please wait while I make my substitute and sort my team mangment out. While you get please wait and can not move your players and sort your team mangment out?
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