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  • Thanks for posting a picture of the legend Cantona.
    I hope you enjoyed the picture of bite your legs off- Ron *chopper* i posted.

    "Trainwreck. Punk isn't good to begin with, and Austin isn't the Austin of old who can get the best out of him.

    I'm more concerned with the fact that Punk won't get anything out of beating Austin, because sadly, Austin isn't relevant anymore"

    Pyro :joel:
    Barbados? Very nice. You've been there before right? I think I can remember you saying you've got family there, or at least I hope so otherwise my memory isn't up to scratch!

    I think my first destination will likely be India. I'm just researching all aspects of India at the moment, and typing everything up so I can send the endless information to my own email address - and then access it when I'm over in Asia and on the move, popping into internet cafes and reading through the info via my email. There's internet cafes in even quite small remote towns of India, so I should be okay I think. I'll be taking photos and some videos along the way and aiming to upload them on an almost daily basis (just for security reasons), so that if I lose my phone/camera then I'll at least still have the photos since they've been uploaded onto the internet. I'll keep you notified though if you're at all interested in checking out my progress as I go along inc. pictures/video.
    No worries brother. You can always make the year really enjoyable no doubt. What have you got in mind for the summer then? You seem to be quite enthusiastic towards it!

    As for my travel planning, it's coming along (finished doing some more writing up at around 10:15pm tonight, so I'm relaxing for a short while now). It's really quite a large ask mind, to research quite in-depth one country, let alone several at the least!
    Happy birthday brother. How's 2012 going? You keeping safe and well? Anyway man, hope you have not just a great day, but a great year too. Much love as always. :)
    I cannot find one, and do not have the skillz to make one. If ever you get the time, and can find it in your heart to make one, I would appreciate it :wub:
    I was hoping for a Jimmy (from South Park) one, for when I crack my shit jokes?

    Thank you, thank you. You're too kind.
    Which admin do I have to speak to about the possibility of getting a new meme/smiley added?
    Probably not that uncommon a name if they're a band. Recognised the username, but had to check - is he the United fan from Brum?
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