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  • Ambrose wins! Bryan and Shane go crazy! The locker room goes crazy! The title is on Smackdown!

    24 hours later.. lol just kidding we'll make another one
    The schedule I saw has something like one every 3 weeks including Backlash after Summerslam and another Roadblock at the end of the year??

    Bayley still not being called up :lol:
    Depends if they want fuckery to lead to two world titles (i.e. Ambrose & Rollins both pinning Reigns) or a straight up tournament on the other brand.
    Raw still being 3 hours :banderas: I feel bad for those who watch live (well I feel bad for those who watch regardless

    Draft makes no sense btw. In what reality is Charlotte picked before Cena, and why draft Nakamura when you've got all these jobbers to select from!
    I wouldn't be surprised if he got it back at Summerslam. Or if they do the 2 world titles, get one of them.
    Maybe :huh:

    Probably wouldn't have bothered if the outcome became obvious.

    That Spear into Pedigree :banderas:
    With so many explosive competitors emerging from WWE NXT, and top Superstars like John Cena and Seth Rollins returning from injury, WWE’s star-powered roster has never been stronger

    :sweey2: First WWE footage I've watched since Raw after WM

    EDIT: I tell a lie, I watched Enzo's injury
    Yeah, Sting also makes sense. I'm struggling to picture for one second the idea of a 46 year old non-wrestler, 7 years since his last match, having a HiaC match with Taker.

    I'd be OK with that as long as I'm the one penetrating.
    Have they jumped the shark once and for all?

    Most popular theory seems to be he's the very last resort just in case he can't name Cena as his replacement.

    Even though her tits have sagged and the gap between widened, her toothy grin is disturbing and voice annoying as ever, I still really want to bang Steph
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