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  • :lmao:

    People seem to think it's Rock. Great. There to create massive hype, then 5 minutes later people will wonder what they were even hyped for.
    By New Day, you mean Xavier and Francesca 2 right?

    Yeah saw that :lol:

    They need a really good undercard to save it. But I'm worried instead of giving Styles, Ambrose, Owens etc. a singles match they'll lump everyone together. What will Undertaker even do? I thought for sure they'd start his WM programme last night.
    They screwed up the booking day one anyway. Why on earth would Brock just leave? And why would the Wyatts leave without helping Bray win? You have Brock destroy them; they can no longer help him, and Bray is battered so makes him look "stronger" when eliminated later.
    "I'm not completely sold that Reigns Haitch will happen at mania!

    I honestly see Reigns triple H happen at fastlane (H to retain due to fuckery, possibly Lesnar).

    Taker v. Haitch at mania in a retirement match. Taker picks the guy he respects most to retire him in his last match. Cant believe people arent picking this yet!"

    Are people in denial or are they really that fucking stupid?
    will reply to that previous message here;

    Bray vs Brock 1v1? They should do 4v1. Bury them once and for all. Undertaker beat Bray twice and Lesnar beat Undertaker at least twice. 1v1 he has zero credibility even if the others are ringside. I said it last year but he really is "jobber to the stars". Cena then Taker then Lesnar is a fantastic record, but not if you get shit on every time. Not saying he should win because never in a million years should he be the one to pin Brock.
    :jordan2: Triple H gonna Triple H :jordan2:

    I hate Kevin Dunn so much. Why the fuck would you focus on Reigns' face instead of the titantron for AJ's entrance.
    I would have but they're not exactly SFW.

    Some guy on WF: "I honestly can't see Reigns, Lesnar, Jericho or any member of the League of Nations winning. The Wyatt family is probably who I'd put my money on." :lmao:
    Meltzer says the current WM main event plan is Triple H vs Reigns

    Lesnar winning the Rumble confirmed! :torres:
    "Vince you did it, the crowd are finally all cheering for Roman"

    "Then what are we waiting for, let's put the belt on him. Tomorrow! :vince3: "
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