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    Kristoff1875's Kit Template Pack

    Initially these are just using the one square for shorts, socks and sleeves, but i'm making new ones based on improved dimensions.
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    Kristoff1875's Kit Template Pack

    Should now mate. Sorry about that.
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    Kristoff1875's Kit Template Pack

    Grab it now. You can use image dimensions you want to as long as the ratio stays the same.
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    Kit PNG Sizes revealed for Consoles

    No worries. I actually tweeted you the other day and you blanked me, I think! haha I just wanted to make sure the size was right before I put it out there.
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    Kit PNG Sizes revealed for Consoles

    I was going to post this in more detail tomorrow, but i'll post it now instead as I have already on WENB: Looks a bit like a robot. Logo placements are only a rough guide based on the Chelsea kit. 800 x 1300 pixels. Don't squash your logos. Hope this helps:
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    Do KONAMI really care about NA version ? or they just release and forget !

    Import a PAL 360 or buy a PS3 and then import the game.
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    Face input

    No-one knows yet.
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    New Good Players On Pes 2009?

    What about Walcott's stat for forgetting to take the ball with him?
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    Last year the 360 and PC demo came out a few weeks before the game.
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    Win PES 2009!
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    2009 option file for xbox
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    2009 option file for xbox

    Not under a tenner, but if you can get a cheap 2nd hand memory card off ebay, buy a datel transfer kit (£10ish).
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    2009 option file for xbox are hoping to have an option file up on release day.
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    cs files

    She said "I am coming back"