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    custom pngs for created team requests

    hi there, i'm looking for a liverpool shrit, using the current black away shirt design, but with transparent base colour, red adidas logo and standard chartered sponsor, and the club emblem in normal colours. can you please make this in your spare time? thanks a lot!
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    The world's ugliest kit 2010/11 by Vixon

    hi Vixon, great liverpool away kit, is it possible to do a similay one with transparent base colour with red adidas logo, red standard chartered sponsor on chest and club emblem in normal colours? thanks!!! oh, and all the kits you've done are really fantastic! great work!
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    [KITS] Mike1Zero's PNG´s

    wow, mike, the kits you do here are really amazing. if it's not too much trouble, can u please do a Liverpool shirt with: transparent base colour, red Adidas logo, red Standard Chartered sponsor on the chest, and the club emblem in normal colours? thanks in advance!
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    Patch 1.2 first impressions

    have played a few more games on 1.02, I think the COM is not as unbeatable as before, it seems that it is now easier to get the ball off the COM, and I won't get some crap player dribbling through my whole team. I'm on star player level and I can now put together a couple of winning streaks...
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    Match Of The Day Theme Music

    i added the Premier League theme song which i think is a big improvement than the ones default in the game does anyone know where i can find the FA Cup song? the one they play on Finals day every year? they've been playing that song since the 1980s... searched all over the net and youtube but...
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    Hello from a newbie!!!

    thanks for the warm welcome. Will go and explore the different forums!
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    Colour of Referee's shirt

    I've had cases where the ref got in the way of a running player, slowing him down from reaching a pass or making an interception
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    Colour of Referee's shirt

    has anyone also had the problem of the referee's shirt being the same as one of the team's. I've customized my team's kit to be all yellow, and I always get the ref's shirt in the same colour. is there a way to choose the colour of the ref's shirt as well?
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    Patch 1.2 first impressions

    hi all, I've only played PES for a few yrs, and I'm NOT a serious gamer like some of u here. anyway, my impression of this patch? i dont really notice any great difference. ive had the game for about 2 wks. the thing that I find most frustrating about PES is that my defenders seem to just...
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    Hello from a newbie!!!

    hi there, I'm sort of new here. I've been reading stuff from this forum for a while, but finally took the time to register and post some things here. Nice to meet u all! I'm a Liverpool fan, nothing much to shout about lately. Just hope I get to see them win something again in my...