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  • We need some more signings if we are gonna compete. We're slowly losing players without any coming in. Fabio on loan, Park looks like he's going, Pogba too and possibly Berbatov. We need this especially for Europe as we were very poor in the CL and EL last year.
    Yeah. He's an interesting artist I think. He obviously has talent as his I'm Gay album is really quite excellent and deals with some very real heartfelt issues. I can't help but think he's mocking the current state of Rap music with a lot of his mixtape songs and videos though. I'm still trying to figure out if he's really that incredibly clever, doing something no artist has ever done before. He's just fascinating.
    If he knows he's been outsmarted, or it's proved he's completely wrong in remembering something that happened, he'll attempt to kill it dead by changing the subject straight away.

    There's no great need for him to upload a pic, I mean, have you? A lot of us did years ago (I think there's a thread for it), but I suppose when he make's himself out to be a chocolate god (not intended to be racist, but sounded funny in my head) I guess the only way he can back it up is with a picture (which even then could be a fake).

    The name thing makes me laugh. He was stupid to claim that it was unique, as I know within seconds of him revealing it (which he never will) someone will honestly claim to know someone with the same name.
    Sadly for him, he just got pwned after picking the fight to start with. I predict him changing his story or making up a poor excuse. I really do feel sorry for him :(
    Yes my dad probably showed you the bible and told you to stop masturbating and get a boyfriend. Have mercy on that right hand. AMEN!!
    Why did you get yellow card? Another useless post? Trolling? May you just acted like yourself muahahaahahah.
    My sister was in Vegas this summer and went to the Pawn shop, unfortunately Big Hass, Old Man, Rick or CHUMLESS weren't there. However she did get me a t-shirt.
    You're not doing such a great job at hiding the facht that you don't give a shit?
    Hey can you tell me for the PS3 version of PES is there any way to adjust screen?like we could in the demo? or adjust the camera zoom in ,zoom out? Ill be mostly using Long ball camera with 1 level zoom out via adjust screen.
    If you get to system settings via pause menu and there should be adjust screen and adjust screen color they exist?
    also can we customise the camera in game?like adjust its height,width,zoom level,pan level?etc
    Do reply you will be very thankful
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