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  1. mestre dinho

    This GIRL is so CRAZY!!!

  2. mestre dinho

    FC Barcelona

    Barcelona has a great squad who is playing very well at the moment..the only think they have to improve is their defence and their reserve squad... but as they play atacking entertaining football, i think that they are OK .... if they start buying players who have big egos the team spirit will...
  3. mestre dinho

    UEFA sets foreign player limits

    I totally agree with UEFA because this will mean that countries like brazil and Argentina will export less players to europe and this will improve south american leagues and their quality of football...that will also mean that the big italian and english clubs will have to bring up more young...
  4. mestre dinho

    Legends of soccer

    Diego Maradona, Cruyf(even though i haven´t seen him play much), Fernando Redondo, Ronaldinho Gaucho, Romario, Marco Van Basten, Raul Gonzales( when he was 22 ) and Shevchenko...
  5. mestre dinho

    You Know your good at PES/Winning Eleven when.....

    BASED ON A TRUE STORY - when your mate waits 5 seconds to comemorate the goal he scored coz he didn´t believe he actually scored against you - when you have to let your friend score to make the game more interesting - when you are wining 9 - 0 against your mate and you can not score an own...
  6. mestre dinho

    Worst Manager

    No way!!!!!! Camacho is one of the best coaches i have ever seen !!!!!! He is a coach that unlike many doesn´t want to know if the players are famous or not......he was responsible for benficas reborn last season coz he was able to build a team out of a shitty team that was...
  7. mestre dinho

    pes4 cool moves!!

    hã!!! still dont get it!!!! has anyone got a video of that?????
  8. mestre dinho

    pes4 cool moves!!

    whats an overhead kick?
  9. mestre dinho

    Shevchenko Wins Balon D'Or

    you are saying that because u probably dont see him playing so often, but if you saw him u would eat the words u said just now...however i think shevchenko deserved to win the balon ....
  10. mestre dinho

    best ever save

    so what do you call it then?
  11. mestre dinho

    truoble buyin players!!

    Which time are you you playing with? For starters you need to offer a good contract to the player......then you must ply good games after offering the contract so that the player will know how big isyour club......then he will decide if he wants to join u or not......if the club refuses try...
  12. mestre dinho

    Worst diver?

    Where´s Cristiano Ronaldo?????
  13. mestre dinho

    best ever save

    Higuitas save !! I call it a Frontal-Back-Legged-No Hands save!!!!!! Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. mestre dinho

    highest score asainst leval 6

    Note: You guys are forgetting to tell us the game time you guys had chosen when wining those matches!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT IS VERY IMPORTANT TO MENTION THE TIME.....
  15. mestre dinho

    New Nike Boots(Ronaldinho)?

    They seem OK but i didn´t like the colours..... I´ll only buy them when the golden version comes up....