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Recent content by Miggy

  1. Miggy

    Game Of The Year 2012

    I'm so out of touch with gaming. I haven't played any of those games.
  2. Miggy

    PSN Recommendations

    I need to invest in a bigger HDD for my PS3. Especially with these competitive prices they finally seem to have.
  3. Miggy

    Batman: Arkham City [PS3/360/PC]

    I might just wait until they bring out a 'Game of the Year' version.
  4. Miggy

    What are you currently playing?

    Been meaning to get it myself. Looking for it on the cheap.
  5. Miggy

    Playstation 3

    62 blaady euros over here! No way am I paying that for the game. Think I'll get it from play or someone.
  6. Miggy

    FIFA 12 Discussion

    Even Everton have one! Why the shit teams in blue? :carlton:
  7. Miggy

    FIFA 12 Discussion I want a Barça one!
  8. Miggy

    Team PESGaming (PS3) - Fifa 12 Clubs

    What team have you chosen, Mike?
  9. Miggy

    Team PESGaming (PS3) - Fifa 12 Clubs

    I don't mind CB but it's really hard to pick up points as I don't really see much action. I might try RB or LB. I could probably get up a bit more.
  10. Miggy

    Team PESGaming (PS3) - Fifa 12 Clubs

    Is it possible for yanks to play with us? Or is that just Pro Evo?
  11. Miggy

    Team PESGaming (PS3) - Fifa 12 Clubs

    Once I get my internet set up at my place and get round to buying the game I'll have more time to dedicate to the game this year.
  12. Miggy

    FIFA 12 Discussion

    Original? doesn't take any shit.
  13. Miggy

    PES 2012 - Gamespot Review

    I'm gonna stick to FIFA and to collecting my giro. Thanks, suckers!
  14. Miggy

    PES 2012 - Gamespot Review

    I don't think it's fair to compare FIFA to those games. It's like comparing Buffon to Messi. Both brilliant players but clearly for different reasons. I'm guessing it's got a 9.5 because it's being compared to other football games around.
  15. Miggy

    FIFA 12 Discussion

    What's going on with the team names in that video?