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    Fifa 2008

    Just 'couse this is a PES forum doesn't mean some of you have to feel disloyal playing FIFA. I mean, it's just a video game and It doesn't hurt to say FIFA 08 is better than it's PES counterpart for ONCE, one year is that too much to ask? By the way this comment is only for some of you not all...
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    GOTM Nov/Dec Amazing Robinho Strike

    This console goal stuff is way too slow, laggy and choppy for me and my computer or internet aint slow either.
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    Nov/Dec GOTM - Cheeky Adriano Finish

    You can Rabona like that on PES? AHHH I hate living in North America!!
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    Nov/Dec GOTM - C.Ronaldo Wonder Dribble

    Tyical Ronaldo :)
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    Switch to FIFA 2008 ?

    I think Konami made a huge mistake in delaying the game SO MUCH especially in the Americas, which is stupid because now that we heard just about 99% of the people in Europe say FIFA is better, we're not gonna waste money on pro. I think FIFA also offers many more clubs and venues with endless...
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    Tim cahil celebration

    From what I hear they've already fallen way behind FIFA.
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    The Official PES 2008 Questions Thread

    There are several things I would like to know about the PES '08 PS2 version please. I have FIFA 08 on PS2, because of a lack of PES in Canada I guess (I have alway bought it in UK, used for around 5-10 pounds) and I want to know a few things about this version of the series as the reviews don't...
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    Fifa 2008

    It depends on wether you have it for next gen systems or not. Each version has it ups and downs
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    How is everyone buying pes2008 then?

    Can't afford it just bought FIFA 08. It'll probably be sold out anyways. Some of ya'll would be surprised to know that it was difficult getting FIFA 08 here, for any system as it was sold out herein most stores, considering I live in Toronto,Ontario,Canada where there really isn't much interest...
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    Fifa 2008

    I have it on PS2 it and seems great compared to '07. I know ive heard great things about the next gen console version 'but if what I have is the PS2 version' than on 360 or PS3 it must be amazing. Every pass or shot is based on the direction of the left analog control and through pass are alot...
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    Fifa 2008

    I'm gonna buy FIFA for the ps2 tommorow. I kind of have mixed feelings though, as I don't know what to do because I've seen trailers where the graphics and ball physics are really good and some which are extremely bad (for the next gen consoles as well, worse than '06). I hear some people say...
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    Fifa 2008

    Any idea why the FIFA 08 demo won't work on my computer and keeps crashing? I meet all the minimum reqiurements (exceeded actually) but it my computer keeps crashing whenever it starts.
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    Fifa 2008

    can anyone tell me quickly who's played both FIFA 08 and PES 2008 (a couple of hours each the ups and downs of each game (like comparing gameplay, graphics etc.). I want someone who's honest not someone who automatically goes for the PES version, even if it is a PES forum.
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    Fifa 2008

    If FIFA 08 can challenge the gameplay of PES, maybe in turn PES will improve because to tell you the truth it's just the same old thing. The gameplay could improve in PES too I find it sometimes to be a little to fast and slick, and easy to get past defenders. Also the 3 star difficulty is the...
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    Wats up

    Lol I meant maybe I'll login once a day.