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    No.1 Owner Achievement

    Well i picked Barcelona, currently in 2017 and im still only 37th on the list..... 1.2billion behind Real Madrid in first place :/ so im guessing this mode would go on for years! maybe in 2030 i might be 2nd! lol
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    Help please? (master league)

    Stiker was right, was a setting changed in my system settings... went in and changed a few things (cant remember exactly which) and now it works fine. thanks mate!
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    Help please? (master league)

    Ok... Just in case theres anyone else reading this having the same problem, ive just been told on another forum that apparently its something to do with 'become a legend' mode settings on the system settings, i shall try it later and let you know.
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    The Computer cheats- official

    lol its cool, but yeah, i guess if i think back my defenders are - 9 times outta 10 - completely useless at defending corners, but yeah, perhaps because i haven't noticed them as 'obvious' goals so much as you (and probably countless others) have, - either through pure rage that my defence dared...
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    The Computer cheats- official

    Im not saying its not bloody annoying when you think your smacking a thunderbolt into the top corner of the net, when actually the comp sends it up to the top corner of the stadium, and passes going to completely different area's than you actually want them to..... I can kinda understand your...
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    The Computer cheats- official

    Ali_BWFC Scripting? What cos its a challenge? I thought that was the whole point.... Its not exactly fun if its easy (unless people are just trophy hunting of course) I wouldnt say its easy to win the games/leagues/cups etc, but its not exactly impossible. I personally managed to win D2 league...
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    Help please? (master league)

    yeah i think i found and tried that... did you mean on the game plan bit as you kick off? The coach mode was off, so i turned it on and all i could do then was watch the match (as manager) rather than playing the game as the team :/ Or did you mean in the main menu settings? *BTW, its not...
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    Player's Market Value

    Top Scorer... Assists, just generally playing well and being in form will help there, obviously a guy playing 20 games will grow faster than a guy playing just 2 and a few sub apps, but yeah, I had a guy in my youth team (Shimzu) who was worth 140,000 in season 1, and now in season 3 he's worth...
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    The Computer cheats- official

    I think your on your own on that one, yeah i concede one or two throughout the season but thats never happened to me... perhaps its the lack of defensive abilities that mean they get through too easily? Perhaps your keeper is about as good as England at penalties? Whatever the reason, i dont...
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    Best developing players in this years PES?

    I know its probably been mentioned a million times before but SHIMZU from the youth team, the best of the bunch at the start tbh, and in my 3rd season (currently) he's rated 87 at RM... has probably saved me millions on buying a winger, starts off worth about 140,00 (or something silly like...
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    Will I go bust?

    Depending on which league your playing i guess.... i got 10mil for winning the cup and the league combined (not sure about seperately), but yeah be careful when in negative balance, cos for me, my chairman started putting my better players up for sale behind my back and replaced them with youth...
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    Difficulty Selling Players??

    Unrealistic transfers..... ahh some are amazing! How about on mine where CR7 is currently plying his trade for Olympic Marseille? Drogba at Arsenal? or my favorite.... Neymar at Wigan! lol But yeah, none of my players ever get looked at, and when i list them they come angry at me for listing...
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    Help please? (master league)

    Hey, Im not quite sure what i did, but i was 2 seasons (just about to start the 3rd) into my master league (offline) when i decided to start the be a legend mode instead, but now, whenever i go back into my ML mode, i can only pick 1 player from the team to control, instead of the whole team...