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    Online Lag/Game Slow down

    A few things have improved and especially the throw ins which could be terrible on 2013, however the MLO...oh dear lord it's abysmal!! I don't want to have to leave now as I know that if I come back I'll be playing against Messi/Ronaldo loaded teams a-go-go but I just can't play online at the...
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    how to get these superstar players

    why all the ads? I don't think there's any special way, try and win matches, esp against higher ranked players, don't sell players until you've got every minute of their contracts spent up and, when it suits, use 50 match renewals as they are much more economic
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    How to qualify on competition?

    Sorry then mate I don't know what's happened as I've never come across that before, know sometimes you can be unlucky, have a really good GD but 16 people manage even better than you and you go out but don't know why that should happen to you, did you check the results in the competition page...
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    Few random questions about quitting/disconnects, anyone know?

    Just a few queries I can't find answers to? 1) Why, if you are hammering a player and he quits (legally) at half time do you get paid so much less than if you complete the match? Surely playing so well should be rewarded? 2) In the same scenario what happens to the players contracts, is...
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    Praise for good players

    I've an unusual one but a positive one for a PS3 player called Papantonis Was drawn up against him so checked his stats before and got worried. He had 900 odd valued team but was rated 1000! (highest possible) When I checked his profile he had high d/c and only 45% win ratio so alarm bells...
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    Confessions of a lag cheat...

    You mean you really think its ok to cheat just because someone else has done it to you?! I got stabbed at random a few years back, does that mean it's ok for me to go round cutting innocent people just because someone did something bad to me?! (bit OTT I know but same reasoning and true btw)...
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    How to qualify on competition?

    Frenky, that picture shows that from dier1907 you guys didn't have the 9 points (presumably 7) as that's where the GD goes higher than the one above. Maybe the standings hadn't caught up (sometimes can take a little while to process) or you had a draw in the middle but in that case you don't go...
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    How to qualify on competition?

    I've never seen where you win three in a row and get a better goal difference than the guy above you, you don't go through and he does- you did win them in a row? I did sometimes win the three, get 9 points and have around +8 GD but as the 16 ahead of me had even better GD I still went out so...
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    Praise for good players

    unfortunately now, I do keep an eye out hoping to see a familiar name but nothing yet, by the sounds of it everyone must be rated about 1000 so I'd be way beneath them anyway... ;-)
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    Good call from Ali there IMO,I did think the first reply from Sonic was actually pretty funny but after that...dodgy ground mate! To the OP, try to come with your own tactic to give him problems- let him worry about how to stop you instead!
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    Praise for good players

    there's a few threads moaning about the spammers, laggers and cheats on here so, without wanting to get too lovey dovey about it I wanted to start this one to praise the good players we come up against or the good sports! I had a game last night where the guy just played me off the park...
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    Online lag switching cheaters list konami please read and act!!!!

    NyR23 on PS3 Think he lasted 12 game minutes lol
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    My game keeps going to pause menu

    It is all the controllers I use, may keep an eye and see if it is battery on it though as hadn't thought of that one! Cheers mate, hopefully so (and yes I feel appropriately stupid to not think of that myself!)
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    Online lag switching cheaters list konami please read and act!!!!

    ult_asalto on ps3 something like 996 team rating and 960 rating maybe vice versa), chcked his profile before I started the match, moderately high d/c and only 7 fair play. With his record he should have been excellent but within 10 mins I'd taken him apart was 1-0 up and a few missed chances...