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    G.T.M Pro World pes 2011 OF (PS3/UK)

    I installed all of the files and the work great but i think in 1.1 i didnt install the stadium files. Can i now go back and add the stadium files back in. Will i need to overwrite files if it asks me too? Will it cause any problems with the rest of my option files Thanks
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    G.T.M Pro World pes 2011 OF (PS3/UK)

    I would also like to know because this would save alot of time?
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    [PS3] DFL OptionFile 2011 - 1./2.Bundesliga and Nationalteams

    Ive downloaded and installed the patch as suggest. Copied all the files to my ps3 and ive still got the default kits and badges. I have the BLES-01020 version with the latest patch
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    [PS3] DFL OptionFile 2011 - 1./2.Bundesliga and Nationalteams

    Where is the tutorial to transfer this option file to ps3? Thanks
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    Tutorial to Transfer 'Option Files' with USB stick!

    Do i need to overwrite the system data? It says if I do I will not be able to earn the ps3 trophies? Thanks in advanced
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    Master League Players Thread

    how do you start with the default players, you need to play as pes united?
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    Found a crack to play with classic & unlockable players!!

    im not too sure how to upload the edit data, save it to a usb and then upload the folder to rapidshare or something, from what you have said, if this works, great job!!!!