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Recent content by slamsoze

  1. slamsoze

    PES 6 - Goalkeeper keeps running out in game

    Of it's not an issue with yor hardware, i would say go to button configuration screen, through game menu inside, not via settings.exe, and check the button mapping, while in defence page.
  2. slamsoze

    RIP PES 1995-2021

    What do you mean "buy" mate. This person you mentioned, KnightMD, is just a YouTuber, as far as i know. He doesn't create mods for PES, only showcasing them in his channel. Are you sure, you have bought it by him?
  3. slamsoze

    Spam bots ATTACK

    new spam bot. Mnenis959 And a question. Is the report option removed from everywhere now?
  4. slamsoze

    Where's the search option?

    Btw, all issues the forum had, seem to have been fixed. SEARCH is working again, posts are been posted correctly, without the error message. Everything works again back to normal. Shame that our beloved game is still dead!!! :(
  5. slamsoze

    No Master League till 2023.

    I edit more PES 2021, play more PES 2021, but i like more gameplay of PES 2020!!!! I assume i am an original PES-fan! :D
  6. slamsoze

    The PES 2021 Request Thread

    Thanx bucks, i owe you a lot mate! :) Unfortunatelly,although i kept a back up of the EDIT.bin from disc version vanilla database, i forgot to take a backup from my second profile, so when i try to inject the EDIT.bin of my first profile, it does not recognize it and since i jumped to digital...
  7. slamsoze

    [Faces] Base Copy Players

    PEDRO GEROMEL===> Tonali (Italy/ AC Milan) Plus video on how to..
  8. slamsoze

    The PES 2021 Request Thread

    OK here is a request. According to research I did, some players are still removed, no matter if you have day1 database or disc version. Those I found and I need are Alexander Pato and Éverton. For sure there are others, but those are the first I found fo sure. It has to do with some weird...
  9. slamsoze

    [PLAYERS] Incorrect transfers and numbers

    Jupiler Pro League: M. GODFROID > Standard Liege (no number due to being in Standard U18)
  10. slamsoze

    The PES 2021 Request Thread

    Cool , yeah i know this last part about gear/equipment colours. I figured it out by myself the hard way about 3 years ago!! :p Sometimes i like having various gear colour, like yellow ankle tape with blue socks. Although, as far as i read recently, it is prohibited by FIFA, all gear colours...
  11. slamsoze

    Reusing PES2020 edits in PES2021

    May i ask. I opened a .ted for PES 2021 in @siuming online Teditor, and a player that did exist in PES 2020 but not in PES 2021 had a negative ID and a lot of digits , something like -21899898. Is this going to cause some error?
  12. slamsoze

    The PES 2021 Request Thread

    Thanx dude. 100% crystal clear. Let me ask somethin extravangarde now!!! :D Lets say i have from another user OF, a BvB.ted that comes and imports with BvB_Home.png kit. Let's assume that this team is destined to be imported over Xakoulagos. But i want another team over Xakoulagos. If i keep...
  13. slamsoze

    Data Pack 5.0 coming ?

    If it is like last year, teams relegated from Brasil Serie B, will go to Others Latin America, 4 new teams will be added to Brasil Serie b, those that promoted from Serie C of Brasil. And next datapack after 5 i assume, Thai League and CSL will be updated to current season, if there is one...
  14. slamsoze

    The PES 2021 Request Thread

    I edited Blookrows, fake team of PEU. I kept the name and the emblem, so basically I imported to them only 4 kits+1 GK kit. When I selected export, in the USB wepes file it gave me only the Blookrows.ted. But I expected that It would extract also the kits in png Form, same as file that I...
  15. slamsoze

    The PES 2021 Request Thread

    Question to everyone/anyone that has ever created an OF. How do you create an exported TED file in PS4 but with emblems and kits? I created a team with custom kits, but when I export, it only exports the team.ted, without the kit images in USB file. Inwant my export to be like the OF we import...