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  1. slamsoze

    No Master League till 2023.

    I am totally out, and never did download this abomination. I will not just add a number to their 500million download statistics. When amd if ever comes, it must be a real masterpiece, to make me come back. I feel like they disrespected their loyal customers, since June of 2021, far over the...
  2. slamsoze

    Spam bots ATTACK

    Can anyone do something with those new spam bots, that are possessing old accounts?
  3. slamsoze

    Spam bots ATTACK

    @mrvolt and @k_v the new spam bots. Basically looks like worse. bots that took over abonded accounts.
  4. slamsoze

    Problems with PES17

    And something Offtopic but in context, and serious this time. I find overoptimistic this speculation. I am from those Pessimists that believe, Offline modes as we knew them, are gone forever and never come back again, in the near future. Only microtransactions, lootboxes, casino related stuff...
  5. slamsoze

    Problems with PES17

    Just to clarify my self @PES Buck , i would never quote, in a serious conversation, someone's post from years ago, as i find it immoral for my spirit. Even if it was the hottest debate/arguement. Also, to notify the sarcasm, i used smiley faces and emojis in both of my above posts, but for some...
  6. slamsoze

    Problems with PES17

    I know mate, don't take this serious. I was just kidding .
  7. slamsoze

    Goalkeepers Fixed for PES2021?

    How do GKs in 2017 behave to headers mate? Cause something that still amazes me, is that headers, and crosses to a point, are a little bit too OP in 2017. What i noticed when i was editing players in PES 2020 with stats of pesmaster2017 page, the long pass stat is a bit toned up in many...
  8. slamsoze

    PC Controller Issue

    Try Xinput.
  9. slamsoze

    PES 6 - Goalkeeper keeps running out in game

    Of it's not an issue with yor hardware, i would say go to button configuration screen, through game menu inside, not via settings.exe, and check the button mapping, while in defence page.
  10. slamsoze

    RIP PES 1995-2021

    What do you mean "buy" mate. This person you mentioned, KnightMD, is just a YouTuber, as far as i know. He doesn't create mods for PES, only showcasing them in his channel. Are you sure, you have bought it by him?
  11. slamsoze

    Spam bots ATTACK

    new spam bot. Mnenis959 And a question. Is the report option removed from everywhere now?
  12. slamsoze

    Where's the search option?

    Btw, all issues the forum had, seem to have been fixed. SEARCH is working again, posts are been posted correctly, without the error message. Everything works again back to normal. Shame that our beloved game is still dead!!! :(
  13. slamsoze

    No Master League till 2023.

    I edit more PES 2021, play more PES 2021, but i like more gameplay of PES 2020!!!! I assume i am an original PES-fan! :D
  14. slamsoze

    The PES 2021 Request Thread

    Thanx bucks, i owe you a lot mate! :) Unfortunatelly,although i kept a back up of the EDIT.bin from disc version vanilla database, i forgot to take a backup from my second profile, so when i try to inject the EDIT.bin of my first profile, it does not recognize it and since i jumped to digital...