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  • You can use images, but I guess they would get obscured.

    Anyway, I was really bored at 2:30am Thursday morning!
    Got bored during a quiet period. You do know you can customise it, right?
    Changed the location of the pic & edited the message... hope you can see it now, it's a doozy!

    Well just make sure you whore yourself within the rules! :tongue:

    If you continue to post well, then I'm sure you'll be considered to be a mod in the future.
    I think the Sminky Role should be linked to the offical Friends Ambassador somehow :shifty:
    You certainly seem to have settled in well anyway! Makes a nice change for someone with a decent grasp of the English language (and especially punctuation) around anyway!

    Keep up the good work :thumbsup:
    How did you come across the place? I got here back in the PESInsight days, looking for an option file & kinda' just got stuck.

    Being on here saves me having to have 'meaningful' conversations with the missus mind you, so it's not all bad!
    Why I oughta' :realmad:

    So why is an old codger like you assailing our fair forums then?
    Remember your place my fellow aged person. I have the power of the banning stick!
    Yes, older than you. Now respect your elders ya' young whippersnapper!
    i read that you play PES 2008 once in a while, so do i.
    do you by any chance have an updated option file?
    i play with the US version btw.
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