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  • This is why I got a 360... it fill's the time during PS3 firmware updates :D
    It's not so much the connection bandwidth, more the S'l'o'w'ny servers.
    Just be prepared for a loooooooooooooooooo *stops for breath*........ oooooooooooooooooooooooog update time & install.
    Get GT5 ya tool :D

    We're setting up a 'wipe Sminky off the track' game format & it'll be missing an important element if you don't :folarm:
    Indeed it would, as to which I have already alluded.

    Perhaps even a dark ochre, or perchance a dark grey might be more indicative of the position held. Add some gravitas, no?
    You know you're only jealous at the charismatic co-ordination of this communal, capacious commune.
    I was toying with going bright green so my username didn't stand out too much... :hmm:

    Might still do so later.
    I got bored.

    Ooh... had 10,000 visits to my profile page. Guess you are responsible for at least 80% of those :D
    The fallout usually starts before I even get back. My boss is one of those who doesn't understand the meaning of 'down time'. He always has his phone on regardless & expects me to do the same. More fool him...

    Had a little talk with the Supervisor to gently remind him what I expect to find when I get back. By gently I obviously mean I'll fookin' kill him if the place is a shithole :boss:
    Lidl? Have I progressed that far? :D

    Monday morning will be a bitch. Got to get up and take my car in for a service & MOT. Will be difficult to drag myself back to bed after :smug:

    Will still have to keep my work phone on though in case of emergency. Bastards better not have any problems of I'll make their lives a bleedin' misery when I get back in.
    Messaging is back on!

    Just in time to say... I LOVE FRIDAY's. Especially when followed by a week off work. Damn I'm ready for a break.

    How's life with you, sausage?
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