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  1. sobakus

    KÍ KLAKSVÍK from the Faroe Islands

    Он кажись накрылся, увы.
  2. sobakus

    Retired players from PES 2019

    I will try to fix it, I’m not on the computer right now.
  3. sobakus

    KÍ KLAKSVÍK from the Faroe Islands

    Дюд, не знаешь случаем где можно Ротор с Химками для 20–го пса найти? Гуглю-гуглю, но только пэкашные патчи попадаются...
  4. sobakus

    Classic Major League Soccer 2000 League (MLS) by PES Buck PS4

    So it’s a remake of the PS1 game but for PES 2020? That’s really cool! Thanks! And the uniforms not taking image slots is really nice actually. And it fits the PS1 aesthetics anyway. Great project
  5. sobakus

    The PES 2020 Request Thread

    Does anybody have Ferencvarosh or Kayrat (Alma-Ata) for PES 2020? I couldn’t find the Zsolt Hungarian patch, if anyone has it, please share Ferencvarosh with me. I want to play the new Champions League ;)
  6. sobakus

    After the recent update, players no longer restart to be able to edit them?

    Do you know who Geniowe is? I believe he converted Uruguyan Primera players from FM, maybe he can help you out.
  7. sobakus

    [PS4] Adding back "hidden"/removed players

    Ooof! I see... maybe the two issues are connected? Like, all these players being marked by as "live update" causes them to have new IDs in the ranges that were previously available? I wonder if IDs on pesmaster reflect the new bug. If so, that could be a way to check ID availability before...
  8. sobakus

    eFootball PES 2021 SEASON UPDATE

    Thanks, dude! Im all good, hope you are too. Just got tired of video games for some time i guess, now Im getting back into PES :)
  9. sobakus

    [PS4] Adding back "hidden"/removed players

    What did Konami do to the game, guys? So much has been written since I last came here... I'm confused. Can we not add new players now?!
  10. sobakus

    eFootball PES 2021 SEASON UPDATE

    Yeah, this is pointless. Freaking corona update :rolleyes:
  11. sobakus

    Ps4 of pes 2020 nico ultras

    For fake and duplicate players: 1. Fakes/duplicates from national teams don't show up in ML 2. Duplicates in AFC CL won't show up if you move them to free agents (the ones in the AFC teams, that is) 3. The only ones that would show up are the players from the original fake clubs in the...
  12. sobakus

    Is it just me? Cup knockout oppenent same from group stage

    Yeah, it's totally bullshit. Really sucks. The only time I didn't have it happen was in UEFA Cup in my master league. But Libertadores is not affected by this. There, the game implements the real life procedure: 16 advanced teams are ranked and then 1 is paired with 16, 2 with 15 etc...
  13. sobakus

    Ps4 of pes 2020 nico ultras

    hey nicoultras, I exported him, check this post:
  14. sobakus

    [PS4] Adding back "hidden"/removed players

    Here I have Fati and Ruben Micael with faces, hopefully it will work. It is a customized Barcelona squad, so one would need to import>transfer to other team>export other team>load>import other team> move players where desired...