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    PES 2016 news!

    Typical Konami they finally get game play back up to best and mess up with their compete and utter laziness. I mean usually they would have all transfers done bar transfer deadline day deals which are downloadable anyway on release day but to do this kinda clarifies what they think of us...
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    What Do You Want In PES16?

    Hopefully they tone down the CPU chipping the goalkeepers every time there through 1 on 1 and also fix the CPU free kicks where they shoot from impossible angles and cross from shooting positions.
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    What Do You Want In PES16?

    On the graphics side of things i'd like to see better animations for shots/headers inside the box it looks gammy at times...same goes for penalty kicks as they are truly awful. Also ball physics needs to be improved imo too they're not quite fully right yet.
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    What Do You Want In PES16?

    Get rid of the fake teams and leagues eg PES United etc Surely they could add a real league with fake teams like the bundesliga. Replays need to be improved as a lot are shown from awkward angles where you can't see the play properly. The ability to save more than 10 goal replays its a joke...
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    No Transfer Among Other Teams

    On a side note regarding transfers has anyone sold a player in the January window? I say this as i haven't been able to offload players in this window for 3 years straight as no CPU team will table an offer! I can sell during the summer window alright. Would it be down to a lack of funds CPU...
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    I just can't get into this game w/o OF ps4

    You can edit the strips so what ive done is edit them to look something similar to what they look like IRL and it doesn't bother me half as much anymore. My only gripe now is the fake teams why can't they put in an unlicensed version of the German league instead of these teams??
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    No stamina after +- 60min

    Ya it's widely known about the stamina issue! It's very annoying as you would think professional athletes albeit in a video game would last for longer. Maybe some Lucozade sport is need or a pre-season option in ML to get platers in top condition :-)
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    how to pass faster

    I get the same lag on Ps4 i go to pass/shoot/cross and theres a 1/2 second delay after which the player im controlling takes another touch before completing the action or gets dispossed. It's really annoying as thats the only lag i've experienced in online so far!
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    offside traps /PES 2015/

    Ya i'm nearly certain it's the offside trap i pressed the button which activates it accidentally last night while trying to adjust my tactic to offensive and my backline surged forward in formation. Didnt no you could do this and i don't know if its a feature i will remember to use in game when...
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    Loving this game but , KKONAMI please !

    Commentary is and always was bad it's an area that's never been addressed nor do i see it being addressed in future versions for the time being at least. i simply just have music playing in the background when i play but it would be nice to have a more immersive commentary on the game. It says a...
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    How to Negate the Scripting?

    I've not encountered any major scripting like i have done in previous series it's a little bit more subtle this year which is great and hasn't left me going mad throwing my controller against the wall. Scripting occurs a little bit more often on Top Player then Superstar i have noticed though i...
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    Haven't seen any injuries in my ML as of yet tho I've had a few in friendly matches against my friend who would hack me down from time top time. The CPU AI hasn't taken me out so to speak during any games just normal fouls when they occur so maybe this is the reason I've not seen any!
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    Anyone with questions about PES 2015?

    Didn't actually catch what he said before it was deleted, doesn't really matter to me i only interact with folks who want to either discuss or have a good debate on the game.....after all that's what a forum is intended for not abuse or snide comments if that's what was posted.
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    Obvious handicapping/scripting. Remove it or give me refund

    I can live with a little bit of scripting so long as it's not over powering ala fifa and some pes titles before now. Can someone tell me as i've been away from pes last couple of you still concede scripted goals in the 45th and 90th minute like you used to before in previous series?
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    Anyone with questions about PES 2015?

    I actually don't care it isnt a game breaker for me just wanted to know as i've been away from the series for a couple of years. As for calling me stupid explain how my perfectly legitimate question merits that response!!