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  1. SySTeM_Id

    Ronaldo, Robben, or Rooney??

    Ronaldo, coz he helped his team to the finals and dazzling skills, but too bad Portudal lost
  2. SySTeM_Id

    Kanye West

    he makes great music, that's all that matters :) ohh yeah, yo G, they can't stop me from rapping, can they, can they, huh~
  3. SySTeM_Id

    best rapper of all time: you decide

    2pac, dawg. The legend started it all
  4. SySTeM_Id

    Oceans 12

    Sweet! Catherine Zeta Jones is a great addition to the already star-studded cast! Can't wait! :)
  5. SySTeM_Id

    Tim Burton

    Yeah, I like his films. Edward Scissorhands was one of my childhood favourites. I like how his films have this dark and haunting feeling to them
  6. SySTeM_Id


    yeah, that was the last episode, right? the kanye west one was pretty wild stuff
  7. SySTeM_Id

    England VS France

    Man, if it had somebody that would beat, it just had to be Zidane. His brace during 1998 World Cup finals against Brazil, the Champions League Finals 3 seasons ago, and now this! What a hat-trick!
  8. SySTeM_Id


    Man, Ashton will get stabbed by them, just like when Chris Rock joked about it during the MTV Music Awards :)
  9. SySTeM_Id

    Wendetta Edition 2004 - WE7 - Out now !!!

    for what version of WE7:Intl. is the Wendettaa International 1.2 for? The US or Japanese one? Oh, if it's for the Japanese version, is it for the DVD version or a CD-Ripped version? Thanks
  10. SySTeM_Id

    Poll:Who will win Euro 2004?

    England :)
  11. SySTeM_Id

    Exact size of DVD-Ripped WE7:Intl. with Japanese commentary?

    Hey there. I'm about to patch my WE7:Intl. and my DVD-Ripped size of my .bin file is about 751 MB. I'm thinkin' I probably messed up or sumthin' coz of that size and if I use a patch over it, it won't even fit on a blank CD-R. So is anything wrong? Is my .bin file wrong? Help out, thanks in...
  12. SySTeM_Id

    Fabien taking a

    Haha lol! But is that really piss? Could be water, you know, from his water bottle or somethin'?
  13. SySTeM_Id

    New Euro 2004 Kits

    Well, I've seen a couple of new kits in the Wendetta patch for the original WE7, particularly Portugal and some other non-Europe countries like Brazil
  14. SySTeM_Id

    Man U 04/05

    Woah, dude, sweet!