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  1. The Dubes

    FAO Zygalski

    Zyg seriously what the hells going on? x
  2. The Dubes

    FAO Zygalski

    How long before the PES2010 demo is available to non-gold members? :mellow:
  3. The Dubes

    PES Tracks..Anyone??

    Football! Soccer!
  4. The Dubes

    Challenge for you boys

    Hey guys, Dubes ere. lil challenge lol Go into edit mode, edit one of the default teams and select players whom are playing for international clubs but whose club team aren't on the game therefor are free agents. EG- BECKS. NO FAKE NAME PLAYERS THOUGH. I've come up with his...
  5. The Dubes

    Fifa 2008

    I got the full game today. It's playable, I'll leave it at that.
  6. The Dubes

    Demo Is Here!!

    Player animations are really sharp, crowd looks awful though. Liked the gameplay more and more as I played it. Also I sucessfully pulled off a dive and scored from the freekick. Was running towards the box with Robinho and had a player either side of me and was going no-where so thought I'd...
  7. The Dubes

    Demo Is Here!!

    Did the download just stop for anyone else? :/ The download is no longer in my active downloads list but is still incomplete. Anyone know how to resume the download? edit: nevermind, sorted it. 3% to go...
  8. The Dubes

    Demo Is Here!!

    4% to go, went to mow a meadow
  9. The Dubes

    Pes 2008

    oooooooooo 11% to go, 11% to go, WE HATE CHELSEA
  10. The Dubes

    Demo Is Here!!

    76% baby...
  11. The Dubes

    Demo Is Here!!

    50% after 5hrs...
  12. The Dubes

    Xbox 360

    Taking fucking ages to download man...
  13. The Dubes

    Xbox 360

    Anyone tried the Sega Rally demo? It's frickin' ace.